Where was hydrogen formed?

Updated: 9/17/2023
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All Hydrogen was formed moments after the Big Bang.

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Q: Where was hydrogen formed?
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What compound is formed when hydrogen is burnt?

When hydrogen burns, water is formed.

What is formed when you bond hydrogen and fluorine?

The hydrogen fluoride (HF) is formed.

How was hydrogen formed?

Hydrogen was formed shortly after the big bang when protons "captured" free electrons.

Is hydrogen found in the universe formed by stars?

No. The hydrogen in the universe was formed during the Big Bang. Stars consume hydrogen, fusing it into helium.

What gas is formed when hydrogen atoms fuse?

The gas formed when hydrogen atoms fuse is helium. Stars do this.

When are hydrogen and helium form?

Hydrogen and helium are formed in Sun.

What temperature did the Universe have when hydrogen and helium formed?

Helium is formed by the fusion of hydrogen at temperatures above 3.106 kelvin.

Where were helium and and hydrogen formed?

Hydrogen was initially formed in the 'Big Bang' which initiated this universe. Helium is formed by the fusion of hydrogen atoms, inside stars. This reaction is what causes stars to shine, and give off heat.

What is broken down and formed in the decomposition of water?

Hydrogen and Oxygen are the two elements that are formed when water decomposes.

What is the formula for hydrogen plus hydrogen?

H plus H is H2.Hydrogen gas is formed.

Is it true that Hydrogen and Helium were formed by nuclear reaction in the stars and other elements were formed after the Big Bang?

Close, but not exactly. Hydrogen is not formed by nuclear reactions in stars, hydrogen was formed not long after the Big Bang, when the expanding universe had cooled sufficiently that an electron and a proton could combine to form a hydrogen atom. Helium and all the other elements that are heavier than hydrogen, were formed by the process of nuclear fusion, in stars.

How are elements heavier than hydrogen formed?

They are formed inside of stars.