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Company K, 116th Infantry Regiment, 29th Infantry Division landed on OMAHA Beach at DOG GREEN beach, about 1000 meters to the east of Vierville-sur-Mer draw. Brig-General Norman Cota, the divisional assistant commander, lead a group of men in a break-out from DOG GREEN beach with Company C. The 2nd Battalion(Companies E, F, G, H) broke through on the east side of St. Laurent and 2nd Lt. John Spalding lead Company E over the top, followed by Company G. The 3rd Battalion (Companies I, K, L, M) opened a path at the draw northeast of Collierville and with support from naval batteries, they had taken the enemy stronghold by 0900. Brig-General Norman Cota lead troops in-land behind the town of Vierville-sur-Mer. Elements of the 1st and 2nd Battalion and the 5th Rangers attacked Vierville between 1000 and 1100. Elements of the 3rd Battalion and a few of the 2nd Battalion fought inland toward St. Laurent and the assembly area southwest. They were stopped short of St. Laurent. Source: "The Cross-Channel Attack" printed by Center for Military History.

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Q: Where was the K Company of the 16th Infantry on D-Day?
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