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Where was the New Hampshire colony located?

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its located in the New England colony

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Facts about colonial New Hampshire?

Its regional colony is located in new england

What religion was in new hampshire colony?

The New Hampshire Colony was mainly Puritan.

What are facts about New Hampshire the colony?

New Hampshire is the first fishing colony.

Where there any problems between the New Hampshire colony and the New York colony?

No, there was no problem between the Colony of New Hampshire and the colony of New York.

Who was the founder of the colony in New Hampshire?

John Mason was the founder of the New Hampshire Colony.

What was the location of the New Hampshire colony?

The New Hampshire colony was located on the Atlantic coast of North America. It was one of the original thirteen colonies, existing from 1638 until 1776. The New Hampshire colony joined the other twelve colonies in the rebellion against Great Britain and became known as the US state of New Hampshire.

Was New Hampshire a proprietary colony or royal colony?

New Hampshire started out as a Proprietary colony but it became a Royal colony in 1679

What did people in the New Hampshire colony do for fun?

What was the social aspect in New Hampshire as the original colony

What Kind of people lived in the New Hampshire Colony?

what kind of people lived in the new Hampshire colony

Who discovered New Hampshire colony?

The colony of New Hampshire was probebly discovered by Martin Pring in 1603.

What two other colonies were different then the New Hampshire colony?

The Plymouth colony and The Massachusetts Bay colony were different than the New Hampshire colony

What is the colony for New Hampshire?

New Hampshire was one of the 13 colonies.

What types of charter did New Hampshire have?

New Hampshire began as a proprietary colony and later was converted to a royal colony.

What religion was practiced in the New Hampshire colony?

The New Hampshire Colony practiced stuff that were very religious. And awesome

Did New Hampshire have a flag when they were just a colony?

The colony of New Hampshire did not officially adopt a flag until 1909. New Hampshire became a state on June 21, 1788, therefore by the time they adopted a flag, New Hampshire was already a state. Instead of a flag, the colony of New Hampshire did adopt a seal.

What colony did Portsmouth join?

Portsmouth joined the New Hampshire colony. New Hampshire was founded in 1620 by the puritans and made a royal colony in 1691.

What is an fact for New Hampshire?

Vermont used to be part of New Hampshire when it was a colony.

What was the predominant religion of New Hampshire colony?

what was the predominate religion of new Hampshire

What was slavery like in the New Hampshire colony?

Slavery was abolished in New Hampshire.

What two colonies were the same as the new hampshire colony?

The two colonies that were the same as the New Hampshire colony was Massachusetts and Vermont.

Where is Southern New Hampshire University located?

Southern New Hampshire University is located in the state of New Hampshire.

What was the New Hampshire colony known for?

the New Hampshire colony was known for many things. one thing it was known for was its granite it was also known for being a new England colony.

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