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I believe it was first discovered by Stan Meyers, at least he was the first man to start trying to produce it as a commercial product and take it too the public. This was in the US.

The first commercial hydrogen car was not developed that long ago, I am not sure on any specific date though, I would say in the last year or two.

You can see example of the <a href="">hydrogen car kit guides</a> here.

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Q: Where was the hydrogen car made?
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When will we have hydrogen cars?

Honda has hydrogen car. Toyota has hydrogen car. gm is working on hydrogen car.

Who created hydrogen?

how made hydrogen how made hydrogen how made hydrogen how made hydrogen

How many hydrogen cars were made in US?

There are about 1 car made per year in theUSA

Which is better hydrogen car or electric car?


Are car tires made up of an element?

Car tyres are made of up more than one element, at least carbon and hydrogen.

What year and by whom was the first hydrogen gas powered car made?

read a book fool

What type of hydrogen is used in hydrogen car?

Compressed gaseous hydrogen.

Why the position of hydrogen is not conform?

in a balloon and in a hydrogen car

How a hydrogen car works?

You have hydrogen heat it up it make the pistons move and the car moves.

How do hydrogen cars work?

The success of the hydrogen car is because the the hydrogen fuel cell. This cell converts hydrogen into electricity and powers the car and the only byproduct is heat and water.

Is hydrogen better or car or electric car and why?

Not because hydrogen is more expensive and there are better electric charging point networks than hydrogen worldwide.

Can a car run on hydrogen?

Not exactly, a car can run on the energy released when hydrogen reacts with oxygen to make water.

Does hydrogen harm a car engine?

NOBUTHydrogen is an alternative fuel and with all alternative fuel changes must be made to account for the different burn characteristics to ensure the engine will not be harmed.

How does a Hydrogen powered car work?

Generally, a Hydrogen powered car runs by using hydrogen and oxygen to create electricity in a fuel cell, which is then used to power an electric traction motor that runs the car.

What compound is made up of hydrogen and sulphur?

Hydrogen sulfide is the principal compound made out of hydrogen and sulfur.

What planet is mostly made or hydrogen?

Saturn is made up of hydrogen

How to work hydrogen car?

CArs will not run efficiently on hydrogen gas

How long does a hydrogen car last?

Who knows as there are no hydrogen cars in production.

How much does a hydrogen fuel cell car cost?

There are currently no hydrogen powered cars commercially available. These cars would be far from green in any event because of the way we make hydrogen currently. Hydrogen is currently made by stripping hydrogen from natural gas and venting the rest of the material to the air.

What are some everyday things made out of hydrogen?

what are shoe sandels made out of? What are things made of hydrogen

What items are made of hydrogen?

Hydrogen is the most common element in the universe. The sun is made of hydrogen and helium. Everything living contains hydrogen. Also water contains hydrogen.

How is hydrogen made into fuel?

How is hydrogen made into fuel. (WOW DUDE. Your answer sucks!)

What is an example of two substances that can be mixed to make hydrogen gas?

Hydrogen gas is just made up of hydrogen - it is H2 Hydrogen gas is just made up of hydrogen - it is H2

Can a car be run on hydrogen gas?

There are a couple ways you could run a car on hydrogen. First is to just burn the hydrogen, but you would need a LOT of hydrogen to power a car--about 2 cubic feet of it at 3000 psi (which is the pressure in a tank from a welding shop) per each gallon of gasoline you don't want to use. The other is to make an electric car with a hydrogen-powered fuel cell.

Interesting Hydrogen Car Facts?

With all of the interest floating around regarding hydrogen cars, people often find themselves wondering about the benefits of a hydrogen car over other forms of fuel. The major benefit of using a hydrogen car is simply: cleanliness. The hydrogen car is an extremely clean car that emits exhaust in the form of water vapor. This vapor contains no toxic pollutants, and is much better for the health of people and the environment.