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Most of the early work was done in New Haven, Connecticut

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Q: Where was the repeating rifle Winchester invented?
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When was the Winchester repeating rifle invented?

Oliver Winchester invented the Winchester repeating rifle in 1860

Who invented the repeating rifle?

Oliver Winchester made the first Winchester Rifle(repeating)

What year did Winchester make its first repeating rifle?

that was in 1860.

When was the repeating rifle invented?


What did the Winchester repeating rifle become known as?

"The gun that won the west"

Who made the Sears model 273.2390 rifle?

Winchester Repeating Arms

Who designed the repeating rifle that Winchester bought the rights to and based his highly successful repeating rifles on?


Who invented the Winchester rifle?

By and large, Benjamin Henry. Oliver Winchester reorganized the New haven Arms Company to the Winchester Repeating Arms Company when Henry tried to take over New Haven, feeling he had been under compensated for the design of the Henry Repeating Rifle. Winchester immediately had parts of the Henry Rifle redesigned for the Model 1866. Winchester had the magazine improved, a loading gate was added to the right side of the receiver (a Nelson King design), and wooden forearms were added, but other elements of the rifle remained the same as the Henry such as the ammunition it fired, and the double firing pin.

Who made the 1955 Winchester model 70?

Winchester repeating arms company made your rifle in 1955 at there New Haven,Conn.plant.

Who was the first inventor of the Winchester rifle?

In general terms, the Henry Repeating Rifle is considered to be the forefather of the Winchester Model 1866 (the first such rifle and Model to bear the "Winchester" name). Tyler B. Henry was the inventor of the Henry Rifle, and was granted the patent for his creation on October 16th, 1860.

What is the date of a Winchester repeating rifle with serial?

Please include the model number and serial number to get a answer to your question.

What has the author Arthur Pirkle written?

Arthur Pirkle has written: 'Winchester Lever Action Repeating Firearms' -- subject(s): Winchester rifle 'Winchester Lever Action Repeating Firearms, Vol. 3, The Models of 1894 and 1895 (Tourism Dynamics)'

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