Where was the tsunmai in Japan?


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tsunami is a series of water wave caused by displacement of large volume of water...tsunami is not a state nor a town nor a city

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An earthquake that hit japan started the tsunami

To impact of a tsunmai like they could do prearation telling peolpe on tv to stay away from the sea and go to a high hill the tsunmai come in any sec.

The first tsunmai occured when you took your first step on planet earth. In other words, a tsunmai is any movement of YOU. I would've given a slightly more ... appealing answer except you have spelt TSUNAMI wrong, therefore I am to give you a wrong definition.

tsunami can kill you and it is 30 meter high

Tsunamis are mainly caused by earthquakes under the sea.

An earthquake caused an undersea landslide. it also can form by an under water earthquake

they can cause a lot of damage they are like floods but bigger they can drown almost anything in its path

There have been many tsunamis is Hawaii, but two were particularly destructive. The first was on April 1, 1946 and the second was on May 22, 1960.

It is because, the earthquake that broke of the coast of sendai happened under the sea and the type of the earthquake was a destructive.Meaning it moved the plates backwards and forwards under the sea bed causing the sea above it to violently move back and forwards creating dangerousley high and powerful waves(4-10M) to reach the coast of sendai and sweep miles through the inland areas.

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Nippon, Nihon, Japan, Nailikukoku

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