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Where was your robalo boat made?

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When did Carlos Robalo die?

Carlos Robalo died in 2008.

Who made the first aluminum boat?

who made the first aluminium boat

Where was Christopher Columbus's boat made?

Christopher Columbus's boat was made in Belgium

What is a boat trip?

A boat trip is a trip made by a person on a boat or a ship.

Who made the first unsinkable boat?

No boat is unsinkable.

What is a coracle boat made out of?

A coracle is a rowing boat made of wood or wicker with a waterproof covering

What kind of wood was Jesus's boat made of?

In the bible Jesus never made any boat.

What is the predicate in this sentence your sister Rosa made a clay boat?

"made a clay boat" is the predicate.

Is a U boat a submarine?

Yes, an underwater boat (u-boat) is a German made submarine.

When was the first boat made?

The first boat was made around 7000 B.C. in the middle stone age.

A boat made by joining logs of wood together?

. a boat made by joining logs of wood toghter

Who made the first air boat?

Dr. Alexander Graham Bell made the first air boat.

What does it mean when a boat plans out?

how the boat is going to be made dumd dumd

Which biblical character made a boat out of gopher wood?

Accordingly from the bible Noah made a boat out of gopher wood.

What material was the first boat made out of?

it was made out of wood

How can a boat float and don't sink?

because the boat is made out of stuff that can float

What is a viking boat?

A viking boat is what vikings use for transportation made out of wood.

What material are boat hulls made of?

Boat hulls are currently usually made of fiber glass. Fiber glass is the cheapest, most effective material. Boat hulls can also be made of wood, carbon fiber, and steel.

What if Jimmy made a 15 profit on the sale of a custom designed boat and the original cost of the boat was 15000. The boat sold for how much?

If he made a profit of 15, he sold it for 15015.

Why was the boat made?


How is a reed boat made?

they are made out of many thin twigs

Who made boat and ships?

Shipwrights made boats and ships

Why is metal important?

The type of metal your boat is made of is important when buying boat insurance. This is because it affects the value and durability of your boat.

Why should a boat made of metal float?

The size of the boat is equal to the water displaced by the boat. This means, if the boat is bigger then its weight, the boat will float. If the boat is smaller than its weight, it sinks. This is why metal ships are so big.

What is a paper boat?

a paper boat is a boat made out of paper. similar to a paper airplane. if you have any star wars questions i'll aswer them!