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They were not placed anywhere. Japan was not an enemy in World War I.

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Q: Where were Japanese Americans placed during World War 1?
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What did During World War 2 many Japanese Americans?

Japanese Americans were placed in American internment camps, during World War II.

During world war 2 japense americans were?

Japanese Americans were placed in concentration camps ~ look to the related link below .

Which Americans were interned during World War 2?

Japanese-Americans .

Did the US commit genocide on the Japanese-Americans during World War two?

No. A lot of Japanese-Americans were placed in internment camps for national security reasons, but none were abused or murdered and they all were released at the end of the war.

Why did the US restrict the activities of Japanese Americans during World War 1?

They thought that the Japanese Americans might be spies.

Who received an apology and money from the federal government as a result of their internment during world war 2?

Japanese Americans living in the U.S. and Hawaii.

How can you turn this into a question Evaluate the internment of Japanese Americans during World War 2 and the power of civil liberties?

How were civil liberties denied Japanese Americans during World War II.

What group was placed in internment camps in the US during World War 2?

I think you are referring to the WWII Japanese internment camps. After Pearl Harbor, it was thought that Japanese-American citizens could not be trusted, so they were rounded up and forced to live at various "camps" around the U.S. until the war was over. See the Related Links below.

What group of Americans was put into camps during most of World War 2?

Japanese Americans

Who won the battle between the Japanese and the Americans during world war 2?

The Americans won.

What did Japanese Americans wear during world war 2?


Why did the Americans keep Japanese Americans in concentration camps during World War 2?

the Japanese bombed pearl harbor and we thought all Japanese were evil