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in a hide out in concord

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Q: Where were colonists storing their weapons?
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Why were the colonists storing weapons in concord?

They were because at

Why is Concord Massachussetts and important city in US history?

Because that's where the colonists were storing their supply of weapons

Did colonists get their weapons from blacksmiths?


What advantages did the colonists at Jamestown have?


What weapons did the colonists use?

Rifles and Arrows!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What country was secretly sending weapons to the colonists?


Did the British destroy the Concord weapons?

No. The colonists were tipped off that the British were coming and moved the weapons.

Where did the colonists take weapons from the British army?

black smiths

What are the differences between the English and spanish colonists?

English colonists tended to establish colonies based on individual religious freedom and economic opportunity, while Spanish colonists often sought to spread Catholicism and extract resources for the Spanish crown. English colonies prioritized self-governance and autonomy, whereas Spanish colonies were more centralized and bureaucratic. Additionally, English colonies had more diverse populations, including indentured servants and later enslaved Africans, while Spanish colonies had a larger native population due to intermarriage and forced labor.

Why were the British worried about the weapons stored in Lexington?

They felt that the increasingly unrestful colonists would use the weapons to start a rebellion

Where did the British search for weapons and gunpowder during the revolutionary war?

To prevent was from starting and the colonists to have any weapons to use against them.

What was the militia storing at concord?

Primarily weapons and gunpowder, things pretty valuuable if you want to supply a revolution.