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French fries were first made in Belgium during the 1860s.

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What is french fries made out of?

French fries are made out of French potatoes, which are indistinguishable from any other kind of potato.

What is McDonald's french fries made of?

McDonald's French fries are made of VOMIT. As in throw up.

What are french fries made of?

French fries are made of potatoes that are cut into strips and deep fried, then salted.

Is french fries French food?

hahaha. no,, there made from potatoes. French fries is not french food. French fries is actually from Belgium. It we're Belgians who spoke french but that's it.

Where from french fries are originated?

they are made in french

What are french fries made out of?

French Fries are sliced potatoes fried in boiling oil.

Is there gluten in french fries?

No there is no gluten in French fries because fries are made of potatoes and oil(18401304 barfs) eww no

What are McDonald's fries made of?

McDonald's french fries are exactly that, fried french-cut potatoes.

How much cholesterol is there in french fries?

There is no cholesterol in French Fries, cholesterol only comes from foods made from animals (ex: eggs, burgers, etc.). French Fries are made from a vegetable, not an animal.

Who made french fries?

the french. not France but belgium

Are french fries really made of potatoes?

Traditional french fries are, yes. Although "fries" can be made of other products, such as sweet potatoes, apples, tofu, etc.

Why were French fries made?

to eat?

What food group does french fries belong to?

the starch because french fries are made out of potatoes.

What is Wendy's French fries made of?

They are made with potatoes .

Why are french fries white?

If they really were french fries, they would be a yellowish color. They might be white because french fries are made from potatoes, and potatoes are white under the skin.

Facts about french fries?

one fact about french fries is that they were created in Belgium theyre called and they are made from potatoes.

Are french fries dairy?

No, french fries are in the vegetable group. They are made from potatoes and either baked or fried in oil.

Where were french fries first made?

French fries originated in belgium but they got there name because the Belgiums gave them to French soldiers and the French soldiers took the credit and named them French fries. The first person to ever make French fries in belgium was Nikah Maston

Where was french fries First made?

in frence

What foods are made with potatoes?

french fries

What kind of food did the French bring to America?

French fries. :) ^^^^^ French Fries were made in America. The french brought pastries and baked goods (For example: Croissants.

Are the French fries really French?

Are French Fries really French you say why yes they were made by the finest chefs in the world before they were brought to other countries!

What is the most unheathy food?

French fries french fries french fries

How many pounds of potatoes are made into french fries each year?

This girl in my class says that 2 pounds of potatoes are made into french fries. :D

Are pomme frites made with mashed potatoes?

No, pomme frites are made from fresh uncooked potato. It's the french name for chips, fries or french fries.

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