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Before the Jewish people were sent into Concentration camps, they were sent to labor camps. After they did not want to use them in the labor camps any longer, then sent them to the Concentration Camps.

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Q: Where were the Jews taken before they were taken to concentration camps?
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Related questions

Who was taken to concentration camps?

Jews were taken into concetration camps.

Where were the jews get taken to concentration camps at?

They would no doubt be at the concentration camps.

How many Jews were taken to the concentration camps?

7.26 million

Where Jews taken from their parents and put to work?

Concentration Camps

How would the Jews get to the concentration camps?

Most were locked in rail cars and taken to the camps.

What ways did Germans use to get Jews into concentration camps?

They were forcibly taken

How many concentration camps and death camps were there for the jews?

There were about 1,500 concentration camps and they were not just for Jews.

Jews in concentration camps?

over 60 million jews were in concentration camps

What steps did the Germans take to deport the Jews to concentration camps?

They were taken from their homes and transported in cattle cars (where they had to stand) to the concentration camps.

How did the Jews get around the concentration camps?

In the concentration camps, Jews and everyone else marched around the camps.

Where were the Jews taken after they were liberated from concentration camps?

They werent taken anywhere because after they were liberated they were so confused on what to do after being in the camps forever.

Where were Jewish refugees sent before concentration camps?

Before the Jews were in the concentration camp, the Nazis built a wall around their neighborhood called a ghetto. After this, the Nazis deported Jews to the camps.

What did they do at the concentration camps?

The Nazi concentration camps were the places there the Jews (and others) were taken, to be gassed then burnt in ovens. Hitler exterminated over 4 million people in these camps.

What did the Jews wear in the concentration camps?

Jews in concentration camps wore striped clothing and a yellow triangle.

Did jews have time to escape before they were taken to concentration camps?

It was not a question of time, most had to report to a collection point to be sent to the camps, there was no lack of opportunity to escape. The problem was that there was no where to escape to.

How did the Jews survive the concentration camps?

Jews survived the holocaust by being lucky to be in the camps at the end just before they camps were liberated or the had a iron will and fought to the end

Why were the Jews in the concentration camps not the death camps?

They were in both..

What were the camps called that Jews were placed in?

Concentration camps

What rights did Jews have in concentration camps?

The inmates of concentration camps had no rights at all.

When did Hitler send the Jews to Concentration Camps?

Jews were putted into Concentration Camps since 1933, when he come to power.

When was the first time Jews are put into concentration camps?

The first time Jews were placed in Concentration camps was in 1934.

What did you wear in a concentration camp?

The Jews who were sent to concentration camps, had their own clothes taken from them so, they were usually given old rags or old dirty clothes that were taken from Jews before them when they died. The soldiers wore the same uniforms they they would wear in combat.

What did the Jews do in Concentration Camps?

they were inmates.

Who was placed into concentration camps?


Who did they kill in concentration camps?


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