Sioux Indians

Where were the Sioux Indians finally defeated?


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Battle of Little Big Horn

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The Sioux Indians were originally located at Great Lakes, or Woodland area. The Sioux Indians finally moved to Minnesota were most of them currently live.

The Sioux were finally defeated at Wounded Knee when soldiers opened fire, killing 300 of 350 men, women, and children. This was known as the Ghost Dance War.

General George Armstrong Custer was the commanding officer of the 7th Cavalry, which was defeated by the Sioux at the Little Bighorn.

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the teton Sioux Indians lived in teepees

Sioux City Indians was created in 1914.

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I believe that the Sioux Indians are still alive

Most of the Sioux Indians died out in The Battle of the Little Bighorn

He was overwhelmed by the amount of the Sioux, and his company was mainly miles away when they tried to circle them. The protester Indians joined the good Sioux, and they together had over 3,000 warriors, compared to George Custer's 200 men. Because of that, obviously, every single man that was with Custer was killed.

You can learn about the Sioux Indians at your local library. Libraries will have a lot of books that will tell about the lives of the Sioux Indians.

The Sioux were allies of the Ottawa

the Sioux Indians where not cruel they where peaceful

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the teton Sioux Indians were hunters but traded with the arikara Indians

The Sioux Indians were located around Arizona, for a better answer try

Well, They started fighting in Minnesota in 1730. the Chippewa defeated the Sioux due to firearms they obtained from the French. At Kathio in 1750,the Chippewa inflicted a crushing defeat on the Sioux. in 1789 the Sioux defeated the Chippewa at Stone Lake. in 1790 the Chippewa defeated the Sioux at the Horsefly. In 1806,they were again defeated at Mole Lake. in 1842 they defeated the Sioux at the battle of the Brule. the fighting stopped around the 1850s,and both tribes had a new enemy: the invading whites.

This was not a weapon the Sioux used.

The sioux indians would get married. They had a feast as a wedding ceremony.

yes they are. Sioux actually are The Great Sioux nation, and lakota is just a one tribe from it, and they are located in the Dakota's

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