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The next international World Youth Day will be held in Madrid, Spain in the year 2011 from August 15th to the 21st.

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Q: Where will World Youth Day be held in 2010?
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Where will world youth day be held in 2011?

World Youth Day 2011 was in Madrid.

When is the exact date for world youth day be held in 2010?

World Youth Day was on the 28th of March in 2010. It was one of the years where it was celebrated at local level, rather than having a large gathering in a designated venue.

Who will host the next World Youth Day?

The next World Youth Day will be held in July 2013 in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.

Why is world youth day held in spain?

The Holy See arranges with different metropolitan sees to host World Youth Day, Spain was chosen in 2011.

At which date is the World Youth Day?

World Youth Day (WYD) is being held in Rio from July 23 to 28, 2013. WYD is celebrated every 2 -3 years in different cities around the world. the last one was held in Madrid in 2011.

When was World Youth Day created?

World Youth Day was created in 1984.

Where was the 1st Asian youth day held?

in 1999, Thailand

What is the date of world youth day?

youth day is celbrated on the 15th of June

What is the concept behind World Youth Day?

The concepts behind World Youth Day are evangelization and catechesis.

What visitor has come to Australia for World Youth Day?

The Pope went to Australia for World Youth Day in 2008.

Where was world youth day invented?

When Pope John Paul II first held a World Youth Day, I suppose he thought of it in Rome, here were the first ones that he held (from Wikipedia)1987 WYD was held in Buenos Aires, Argentina. 1989 WYD took place in Santiago de Compostela, Spain. 1991 WYD was held in Czestochowa, Poland. WYD 1993 was celebrated in Denver, Colorado, United States.

Will Catholic World Youth Day be in Atlanta Georgia?

Nope, World Youth Day 2008 is going to be in Sydney, Australia.

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