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The pin is a Girls Scout Pin known as The World Trefoil Pin

Every part of the World Trefoil pin, a unifying symbol of WAGGGS, has a meaning:

The golden trefoil on a bright blue background represents the sun shining over all the children of the world

The three leaves represent the threefold Promise as originally laid down by the founder

The base of the stalk represents the flame of the love of humanity

The vein pointing upwards through the center of the trefoil represents the compass needle pointing the way

The two stars represent the Promise and Law.

AnswerOH MY GOD. i have one of these pins. I'm researching what it means and can find nothing. the pin came with a bunch of old art stuff from the 50's i bought at a grarge sale. it's bright blue has three leaves and two stars just like you described...please please someone tell us what it means?
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Q: Where would a three leaf clover pin with two blue stars in the bottom leaf come from?
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