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You can find an online auto payment calculator in a wide variety of places. The first place would be your local bank's website. Wells Fargo has a great calculator for refinancing a car loan and exactly what your payments would be.

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Q: Where would one find a calculator to find out what the payment would be when taking out a refinance car loan?
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What information would a refinance calculator provide?

A refinance calculator would provide information relating to the refinancing of a mortgage.

Is it worth doing a mortgage refinance to save 1% per year on the interest?

It's not about percentage; it's about real dollars saved annually. In order to determine if a refinance is the best option, speak to your mortgage lender. You'll want to calculate what your new monthly payment would be and then determine if the refinance would be worthwhile, considering closing costs, etc. You can also use this calculator:

How to Use the Refinance Mortgage Loan Calculator?

The refinance mortgage loan calculator is an online tool which is actually fun to use when figuring what your payment will be if you decide to refinance your mortgage. After you look at the various types of loans and the length of time you would have to repay them, you type in how much you want to borrow, the interest rate, along with the type of loan you want, such as 30 year fixed, click "submit" and let the calculator provide you with your answer.

What can you use a a refinance calculator for?

A mortgage calculator can be used to find out if it is worth it to refinance your monthly payments, if it will lower your payments and if you would save on interest and fees. By entering your data you can decide if it is worth it to refinance your home mortgage.

Using a Vehicle Refinance Calculator to Reduce Your Auto Loan Payments ?

If your car payments are too high, try using a vehicle refinance calculator to help lower your payments. Before you go to the bank and ask for refinancing, use an online vehicle refinance calculator to figure out how much your monthly payment would be if you refinanced. The loan calculator will ask you to enter your principle balance, amount of your monthly loan, current interest rate, number of years that you will be financing and any fees associated with the loan. When you are finished, print out the loan calculator page and bring it to your bank when you ask for refinancing.

Are refinance calculators accurate?

Refinance calculators are a great tool when estimating home loan and payment rates. I would not suggest they are 100% accurate, but can be useful in giving someone a close approximation as to what their payment will be at a specific interest rate.

How can refinance calculators help you to save money?

A refinance calculator is a tool to help you estimate what your mortgage or loan would be with a new rate. This will help you decide if refinancing is a cost-effective move.

Can you suggest a website that informs you about down payment calculator?

You can really just use any calculator to find the down payment for a home or car. You would just multiply the total price by the percentage of down payment.

Reasons to use a Refinance Mortgage Rate Calculator?

Over the past few years, the poor economy has helped keep mortgage rates at a historically low level.� Since rates are so low, most people could benefit by refinancing their mortgage.� However, prior to going through the process of refinancing your mortgage, it would be a good idea to use a refinance mortgage rate calculator. � A refinance mortgage rate calculator will take all of your personal and mortgage information and determine how much money you will save each month through the refinance.� The calculator will also factor in how much you will have to spend in fees and it will determine how long it will take for you to break even on the refinance.

What website has a free and easy loan payment calculator?

The best payment calculator to use would just be a generic one that can be found at any office supply stores. Also, places like Walmart might have the calculator that you are looking for.

Where can I find an online mortgage refinance calculator to compare current and new mortgage programs?

I would first ask your mortgage lender to compare and contrast the two loans for you, they should be the best resource. Here is an online mortgage calculator:

Tips for Using a Refinance Calculator?

Refinancing your debts can provide you with many benefits. For example, a credit card consolidation loan is a type of refinance that can result in easier repayment of debt, a lower monthly payment, reduced interest charges or a combination of all three. Other types of debts, such as your home mortgage, your car loan, personal loans and others can also be refinanced. However, before you make the decision to refinance any of your debts, it is important to use a refinance calculator.The Monthly DifferenceMany people who consider refinancing their debts do so to save money on their monthly expenses. For example, refinancing your current car loan to a new loan with a lower interest rate or a longer loan term may result in a more affordably payment. Before you make the decision to refinance your loan, however, use a refinance calculator to determine how significant the benefit of refinancing would be. Some borrowers are surprised to learn that refinancing will only save them a few dollars per month, but others may be astounded at the savings they can enjoy through refinancing.The Long-Term BenefitsIt is also important to use a refinance calculator to review the long-term benefits associated with a refinance. Most debts that will be refinanced are long-term debts that may take you years to pay off. Consider using a refinance calculator to determine how refinancing would affect your estimated loan pay off debt. In addition, consider taking a closer look at the total interest charges on the debt. Compare the interest charges you will pay on the debts if you do not refinance them against the charges that you will pay if you do refinance them.There are many factors to consider before you make the decision to refinance your debts. Each individual may have different motivations for refinancing. For example, one borrower may be interested in refinancing credit card debt to save money on monthly payments, but another borrower may be interested in refinancing a 30-year mortgage to a 15-year mortgage so that the loan can be paid off before he retires. Using a refinance calculator can help you to see the benefits and drawbacks associated with refinancing more clearly.