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Raleigh is a very common bike brand which is sold around the world, it has headquarters in the United Kingdom, and their bikes can be bought from their online store, or in many various bike retailers.

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Q: Where would one shop for Raleigh bikes?
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Where would one be able to purchase used dirt bikes?

Dirt bikes can be purchased from any vehicle dealership that sells motorcycles and dirt bikes. Also, one can shop for it at any sports equipment store.

Where can one find Cervelo road bikes?

Cervelo road bikes can be found at any bicycle shop. The Schwinn bicycle shop carries only German made bicycles and will not carry the Cervelo road bikes. Therefore the shopper for the Cervelo road bikes should visit the local motorcycle shop and inquire about the availability.

Are trax bmx bikes any good from halfords?

trax bikes are the cheapest you can get. I would avoid them like the plague. Never buy a bike from a garage or supermarket - go to a bike shop or get a second hand one.

What is the average price for track bikes?

Track bikes from the dealer "Velodrome Shop" seem to cost about 800 English pounds on average. If one wished to have a professional or Olympic-style track bike it would likely cost in the thousands or tens of thousands of dollars.

Where can someone go to purchase hard tail bikes?

One may purchase hard tail bikes from shops such Chain Reaction Cycles, Mountain Bike and Marin Bikes. Any reputable local bicycle shop will sell a variety of brands for hard tail bikes.

Who makes bikes?

One can buy specialised bike parts from the following retailers: Halfords, Evan Cycles, Mike Bikes, Specialised, Tredz, Cycle World Bikes, Global Bike Shop, Specialised Concept Store.

How big of a bike shed would one need to completely enclose 2 bikes?

To completely enclose 2 bikes one would need a bike shed to be at least 7 feet by 4 feet if they are pedal bikes. If they are motor bikes the shed would probably need to be 7 feet by 6 feet.

Where are diamondback bikes made?

Raleigh America Inc.Kent WAUnited States 98032 This is from's about us wiki page. From what I remember, if this is the same Raleigh from my childhood, they are the K-Mart $99 bikes that fall apart, so hopefully the Diamondbacks are much higher quality, cuz I have one too! Raleigh does own Diamondback but don't let that fool you. Diamondback bikes are a much higher quality then department store bikes. They are a top of the line type of bike. Diamondback has a rich history of BMX and freestyle as well as great mountain bikes and cruisers. Do not be afraid to purchase a Diamondback bike. They are wonderful.

Are diamondback bmx bikes better than specialized bmx bikes?

First off both Diamondback and Specialized has a range of bikes, from basic ones to nice ones. Who will "win" the comparison depends on how you pick the bikes from the line-up. And if you pick bikes that are supposed to be similar it's very much down to personal preferences. Both companies are sloid and (usually) reliable. If you're planning to buy a new bike from a shop, pick the one from the shop that treats you best.

Where can one purchase cyclocross bikes?

Trek road bikes can be purchased from your local cycling shop. Since not every cycling store necessarily carries Trek bike you can go to the Trek website for a list of retailers in your area.

Where online can one purchase an indoor cycling bike?

Indoor cycling bikes can be purchased online on a couple of websites. Some of these would be "Spinning", "Sears" and of course the well known Amazon web shop.

Where would it be possible to find road bikes for sale on the internet?

There are many places where one can find road bikes for sale on the internet. Some specific sites where one can find road bikes for sale would include sites such as Halfords.