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Where would you buy vanilla extract to rub on a dog's nose?

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Vanilla extract contains alcohol, and alcohol is not appropriate for application to an area as sensitive as a dog's nose. The result would be intense pain and drying; it is no less than abusive to apply such a substance to a dog's nose, and no veterinarian would approve of it. Also, dogs have extremely acute senses of smell and vanilla extract has a very strong odor to it - this would be the equivalent of putting an air horn to your ear and hitting the button. It would be extremely painful and there's no reason to be that cruel.

Never apply anything to a dog's nose other than clean lukewarm water if and only if the outside of the nose needs cleaning.

Actually most modern vanilla extracts are alcohol free and use polyethylene glycol instead as the solvent. However its still probably not a good idea to put it on anyone's nose.

Where did you happen to get this strange idea from?

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Why would you use vanilla extract on your dogs nose?

I have no idea - there's no medical reason for this. I would guess someone somewhere claimed this was a good "natural" or "herbal" remedy for something, although I will point out most vanilla extract is artificial and has no real vanilla in it. This is also a pretty bad idea - the risk of inhaling the liquid and causing inflammation in the nose is pretty high. Also, dogs have very sensitive senses of smell - this is the equivalent of putting an air horn to your ear and hitting the button. This would cause a great deal of distress and irritation to your dog, and there's no reason to be mean to your dog like that. Additional information: It is not put on the nose, but some dog breeders have used a small dab of vanilla extract on a male dog's collar to keep him from getting too whiny and anxious from the scent of a nearby female who is in heat. They say it partially masks the scent of the female.

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Normally a dogs nose does not bleed, could something be in his nose? it would be right in front. Do not go into the nostrils. Pituary Tumor can cause this.

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If your dogs nose is not wetIf your dogs nose is not wet your dog may be sick.

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