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Go to the Federal Trade Commission's Web Site ( look around the consumer section and you will find the answer your looking. That is what I do, I am a Financial planner etc and the ftc rights the laws for all of us. They will point you in the right direction free of charge on there part.

2006-08-21 01:11:13
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It depends on how well u know the person and what your financial situation is.

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There should be no problem due to financial situation. It wouldn't disqualify you for admission.

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A financial Manager is a person or persons or business that manages the monitary affairs of an individual or connected/related individuals or indeed an entity or business to maximise monitary success or turn around a poor financial situation.

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There are hundreds of different financial services out there. To choose the right one, a person will need to examine his or her financial situation. Of course, different services cater to different needs. A person might need to fix their credit or find a way to consolidate loans. All of these needs can be taken care of given the right financial products or services. With that in mind, a person cannot simply choose one blindly.

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Yes, but it will be different financial aid. You will have to include your spouses w-2 forms. Pell Grant often helps couples who are in hardship. Since I don't know your situation, the best I can tell you is to go to the financial aid office and let them know you need financial aid and that you are married.

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