Where would you find a vassal?

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A vassal is a person who has been granted land by a lord in exchange for a vow of loyalty. Vassals were expected to provide military service to their lord and to support their lord's political interests. Vassals were also required to attend their lord's court and to participate in his or her feudal obligations.

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A 'Vassal' is a person, who is subordinate to another person. Also it tends to be a person, not only subordinate, but 'put upom' ; almost a serf/slave.

Do not confuse the word 'vassal' , with the word, 'vessel' , which is a ship or container for holding things.

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Q: Where would you find a vassal?
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Related questions

What is the difference between feudalism and the vassal system?

There is no difference. The vassal system was part of feudalism. A lord would give a VASSAL (a knight or a nobleman) a fief (the deed to a part of his land) and the serfs (the workers) that came with it. And the vassal would still be a vassal, but he could give other noblemen his land.

What happened if the feudal relationship with a lord and vassal was broken off?

the vassal would no longer work for the lord and the oath would be broken.

Would you call a knight a vassal?

A vassal is a holder of land who owes homage to the king. He may be a Knight, but not necessarily.

What was the loyalty of a vassal to his lord?

It was called the feudal system, a knight would promise the lord loyalty and protection in return for land which would make the knight a vassal. The vassal and his family now fought for the lord and they were always loyal.

How could a person be both a lord and a vassal?

No. A lord can have a vassal and a vassal can have a lord, but a lord cannot be a Vassal.

How would a vassal who did not live up to his obligations be tried?

the vassal would go to court with other vassals belonging to your lord and if you were found guilty, you would have to give up your fiefdom.

How would vassal who did not live up to his obligation be tried?

the vassal would go to court with other vassals belonging to your lord and if you were found guilty, you would have to give up your fiefdom.

How would a lord reward a vassal?

Give them land

What does vassal mean in the middle ages?

The Anglo-Norman word vassal can mean simply a servant, a good, worthy man, a soldier, a fellow.Its main meaning is anyone at any level who owes allegance to someone else of superior rank - an earl would be the vassal of a king, a baron would be the vassal of an earl, a poor knight would be the vassal of a baron and so would his farming serfs. Each of these would also be a tenant of the person above him, "holding" land in return for services or rent.In this sense, a vassal is someone subordinate in rank who is legally obligated to someone above him in the feudal system.

Is a peasant a lord or a vassal?


What is a sentence for vassal?

The vassal has paid their monthly tribute.We submit ourselves to your empire as a vassal.

What would a vassal do with his fief?

A vassal could do a lot with his fief. Usually, he would grow crops, build a home, raise animals, and sometimes collect natural resources available to him.

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