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You can find how LEGO bricks are made at the following website:

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What are LEGO bricks?

Lego bricks are little blocks and Lego bricks can connect to other Lego bricks

Are the lego star wars toys bricks compatible with standard lego bricks?

The bricks from the Lego Star Wars toys are compatible with standard lego bricks. Most lego sets have bricks that are completely compatible. The only exception would be a specialty item which may be made for specific sets only.

How do you build LEGO mansions?

well you just have to have some peices and make do with what you have got or if you want to have an advanced mansion then go on the lego website and you can pick what bricks you would like.

What are LEGO bricks made of?

Lego bricks are simply made of plastic.

How many Lego bricks would it take to reach the moon?

I have beed told by the good people at legoland (windsor) that it takes Four billion Lego bricks

How many Lego bricks can you use to make the word Lego?

it takes 31 bricks

How does LEGO bricks connect?

Lego bricks connect because of the stus on the top stops the bricks from slipping or falling easily

How many chocking hazard because of Lego?

Almost all LEGO bricks are considered choking hazards for young children. An exception to this would be the LEGO Duplo bricks which are designed to be safe for young children.

How many LEGO bricks are there?

There are billions of bricks in the world. Just in one day, the LEGO factory in Denmark produces millions of bricks.

How do you get red LEGO bricks in my LEGO network?

the Lego tree moudle

How many LEGO bricks used in miniland?

There are approximately 20 million LEGO bricks in Miniland Claifornia.

How many LEGO bricks are there in the world?

More than 400 billion (400,000,000,000) Lego bricks.

How many bricks do you need to get into LEGO city in LEGO star wars 2?

56 gold bricks

How many Lego bricks in Lego policeman?


How big are LEGO man?

Lego minifigures are 4 Lego bricks tall.

Does Lego have lead in their bricks?


How do you destroy silver LEGO bricks on LEGO Harry Potter?

You have to learn how to use the spell reducto in year four to destroy silver Lego bricks.

How many lego bricks are made per minute?

over millions of Lego bricks are made per minute.

How many Lego bricks it would take to reach the moon?

48 billion

What are purple LEGO bricks used for on your LEGO network?

your a nerd

What is the height of a LEGO figure?

4 Lego bricks tall!

What archway is 250 gold bricks on Lego batman 2?

Supergirl is who you would unlock

Are LEGO bricks made in Europe?

Yes, Lego is a Danish company.

When did the Lego company start making plastic Lego bricks?


Does LEGO break?

The actual Lego bricks do break. So...yes they do. :(

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