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Where would you find the fuse box in a 1999 Hyundai excel cause currently have no reverse lights?


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Hi I have an older EXCEL. My relay under the dash (STEERING WHEEL)was controls the rear lites if the fuse is NOT blown..its a gold color relay..there are 3 on mine..all have the same part number,they r a bit hard to reach, but swap one out..if your relay is bad, the other one with the same part # should work your lites if that relay is bad..the FUSE itself should be on left drivers side floor near clutch pedal..i don't know if your car is the same. Mine is a 1992 EXCEL..good luck


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Bad bulbs can be the cause of your reverse lights not working on your 1999 Toyota Tacoma. A problem with the reverse switch or bad wires can also be the cause of your reverse lights not working.

head lights won't work, no power to them, signal works , reverse lights work

Did you check the light bulbs? If OK, probably a bad reverse light switch in tranny.

There is a switch on the shifter or trans that turns on the lights when the vehicle is placed in reverse, it is out of adjustment or faulty. And don't forget the bulbs or fuses as a cause.

In those tail lights there is a circuit board. If it goes bad it will cause all kinds of problems.

A blown fuse, a faulty ( or dirty ) reverse light switch, faulty wiring, a blown bulb or a poor ground could cause reverse lights not to work. If one light doesn't work it's likely to be a blown bulb, faulty wiring or a poor ground. If both don't work it's probably a blown fuse, a faulty reverse light switch or faulty wiring.

Cracked electrical wire caused this to my car once.

Perhaps something in the gear shift that turns on the lights when in reverse position.

Check your fuses. If they are all good and none are blows, you probably have a short somewhere in the electrical lines.

Check the fuses first. If the fuses are ok check the reverse switch. The switch is under the dash on some models, and on the transmission on others. A bad or misaligned switch is the most likely cause for no back up lights.

You have a short to ground. Look on your trans for a wire that is frayed/damaged etc from the reverse indicator. If you don't find any there, look around your reverse lights in the rear.

You probably need to replace your brake light switch. It's near the top of the brake assembly, beyond a trim panel. The fact that all three brake lights don't work rules out problems in the multifunction switch (the cause of similar problems affecting only the two rear lights.)

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You will need to check the ground wires. A loose ground wire can cause the lights to work sometimes and sometimes not to work.

Check the circuitry to the backup lights. The same fused circuit is probably used for both brake lights and backup lights. As you go past Reverse, the backup light probably is turned on briefly, causing the fuse to blow. It's just a thought, but I'd think it worth checking.

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