Which of these is an example of conduction?

Updated: 2/28/2022
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Q: Which of these is an example of conduction?
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Is candy melting in a persons hand conduction or radiation?

It is an example of conduction

Which if these is an example of conduction?


What is an exanple of conduction?

an example of conduction is a metal spoon in a cup of hot water...

Is a hamburger sizzles on a frying pan an example of convection?

Mostly conduction.

Is a microwave an example of conduction?

No, a microwave is not an example of conduction. Conduction is the transfer of heat through direct contact between two objects, while a microwave heats food through electromagnetic radiation.

Is transfer of energy from an iron to shirt an example of conduction?

i dont know is ironing a shirt conduction

What is a real world example for conduction?

As one of the railroad's best conductors, my grandfather was in charge of conduction.

Is a toaster an example of conduction?


What is an example of a conductor for conduction?

A metal spoon touching a hot pan. The pan heats the spoon. The spoon serves as a conductor of heat. This is an example of conduction.

What a example of conduction?

An example of conduction is when you touch a metal spoon that has been sitting in a hot cup of soup and the spoon itself becomes hot. The heat from the soup transfers to the spoon through direct contact.

Heat trasferred by touch is called?

Conduction Conduction is the transfer through direct contact which leads to the vibration of atoms. An example of conduction is a frying pan on a stove.

What are non-examples of conduction?

Non-examples meaning the opposite of examples. So the opposite of Conduction is Convection. So an example of Convection could be per say ice melting. So that would be the Non-example of Conduction.