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SB ventures

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Q: Which Realestate builders are the best in Rajahmundry?
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What is Rajahmundry's population?

The population of Rajahmundry is 943,903.

What is the right way to mark reserved seats?

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Which city is bigger in area and population among guntur and rajahmundry?


Is rajahmundry is bigger than warangal?

No. Rajahmundry is never bigger than warangal. According to population warangal is twice bigger than rajahmundry and also in the sector of area warangal is much bigger than rajahmundry

Name some great writers in rajahmundry?

Aadi kavi ( first Telugu poet) Nannayya wrote Mahabharata in Telugu from Rajahmundry. Kandukuri veerasalingam one of the greatest writers who wrote mainly on social and women problems also hails from Rajahmundry. There are many Writers from Rajahmundry. In resceny times Mondepu Prasad who also hails from Rajahmundry is also writing on social and women problems

which is best home builders in calicut?

pvs builders

What is the road distance from rajahmundry to kalpakam?

About 1,375km

Why is Rajahmundry not yet an Urban Development Authority?

The present CM is sitting on the file that proposes a UDA for one of the grand cities of India, Rajahmundry.

I was born on 19111997 at 13hr18m at Rajahmundry in Andhra PradeshWhich gemstones can you wear?

i suggest u to wear topa/citrine in best quality.

What is the position of rajahmundry in terms of population?

rajahmundry has an estimated population of 8 lakhs and a daily floating population of 2 lakhs, making it a city with 10 lakhs.

What city bigger between rajahmundry and guntur?

rajahmundry is bigger because it well devoloped and it has air port also where guntur did not have and rajaghmundry is one of the biggest tourist atractions in a.p.but i think rajahmundry is less in population than guntur but in devolopment and market and market rjy is bigger

Do you have sony Ericsson service centre in Rajahmundry?

your number plz

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