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Q: Which Students Should Do Distance Education Courses?
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Should college students be required to take physical education courses?

yes because very easy

Are American secondary schools designed to be selective or inclusive institutions?

It is my opinion that secondary schools in the United States are designed to be inclusive through opportunity, while being selective in ability. All secondary schools are going to be inclusive for all students to receive a free and appropriate public education. However, schools are also selective in the courses that they offer. Not all students can be admitted into a gifted program. The students that are admitted into those programs must show a certain level of intelligence. The A.P and honors courses offered at high schools around the state are also selective in who can take the classes. Students must show ability through previous coursework before they can enroll in A.P and honors courses. Schools however will never deny a student an education due to the fact that they only have a certain level IQ or make all C's and D's. American schools guarantee all students and education, but they do not guarantee all students the same level of education. Some students should be placed in remedial courses while some students should be in A.P courses gaining college credits.

Why should students take online courses?

It helps

What is the education requirements to become a Pharmacist when one has a Bachelor of Arts degree?

what kind of education do you need to be a pharmacist? what college courses should i take? what kind of education do you need to be a pharmacist? what college courses should i take?

Where to find cheap online real estate courses?

Finding the cheapest online real estate courses are easy - but determining whether this cheap online courses gives and educates students with the right information is something that should be more focused upon in searching for a reliable online training provider. Some online courses may provide cheap, low cost courses for individual students, but their courses might be unreliable or does not actually give the right and proper education that students or applicants need in preparing them for the national licensing examination for realtors. On the otherhand, several expensive courses may be so expensive, but actually offers the right information, education and training needed to help applicants succeed in their chosen career path.

Can you Show comparison of continuing education and no continuing education?

Continuing education is same with taking a renewal course. For example, you're a Licensed Electrician, then you'll need to renew your license for every date you're required to take an "Electrical Continuing Education" course. If you are talking about courses without continuing education, there is a lot of courses that I should mention. But let me give you examples, courses like Medical Transcription training, Medical Billing and Coding training, Pharmacy Technician training, Medical Office Management training and the like don't have renewal courses or should I say continuing education courses. I hope this will help you enlightened about the difference of continuing education courses and non-CE courses.

Should students not be required to take Physical education courses?

All I can offer you here is my opinion, and that is that yes they should because there is a rise in obest children and even for those who are not overweight, it is still very good for developing team skills.

Is it necessary to take humanitarian courses to get engineering degree?

There will always be courses in the humanities within most any field of study. It should make students just a bit more well rounded.There will always be courses in the humanities within most any field of study. It should make students just a bit more well rounded.There will always be courses in the humanities within most any field of study. It should make students just a bit more well rounded.There will always be courses in the humanities within most any field of study. It should make students just a bit more well rounded.There will always be courses in the humanities within most any field of study. It should make students just a bit more well rounded.There will always be courses in the humanities within most any field of study. It should make students just a bit more well rounded.

What type of education do you need to be a storm chaser?

No education is required however it is best to get and education dealing with meteorology, which should include spotter courses, and/or science and to understand and possibly even take courses on how to use the equipment properly.

where can I take courses for marketing?

You can go business related school for further education but according to me you should take online courses in marketing. Online marketing training is better because distance won't be a matter for you. You can contact the institutions who offers online marketing course to check your and their criteria.

What should all students who are interested in careers in physical science or engineering be prepared to study other than science courses?

math courses

Why should students stay in school?

Students should stay in school. because they will get an education an get a diploma so they can get an high paying job.

Algebra Online ?

High school students should expand their education for future stability. An Algebra Online Course is the perfect remedy for students pursuing college degrees. Knowledge in Algebra opens the door for vital careers: construction, science techs, business management, drilling, teaching, etc. In addition, taking online courses is more comfortable yet faster than in-class courses.

Why should I teach special education?

A person should teach special education if they are very patient and loving. One shouldn't be forced into teaching special needs students as that will hamper both the teacher and students. Special students, as the title suggests, need that extra amount of effort from their teachers to get better and if you can manage that, you should teach special education.

What criteria should I look for when selecting a child development distance learning program?

There are several different criterias for evaluating a child distance learning program. These include quality of the school, school curriculum, education level of the distance learning programs students vs regular schools or other distance learning programs.

Distance Education?

Distance education is a method of higher learning that extends instruction to geographically distant students.Once conducted through mail as correspondence courses, distance education these days is primarily the work of online colleges and universities.The shift from the postal service to the Internet is only one of many changes that have occurred in distance learning.Formally a vehicle for earning certification in technical skills, distance education through online schools now offers the full range of diplomas and degrees from elementary schools to doctoral programs. In recent years, distance education has made another shift, spreading beyond online colleges and universities.Recently, well-respected universities like Penn State University, the State University of New York (SUNY) and Villanova University are offering master’s degree programs in the fields of Engineering, Business Administration, Education, Nursing, and etc. For students who prefer the familiarity of a long-standing traditional college, an online branch of a brick-and-mortar campus offers the freedom of an online degree program without sacrificing name-recognition or comfort zone of a physical campus to turn to for administrative support. Students who thrive in distance learning are generally self-starters who enjoy working independently.Though distance education online allows for classroom discussions through bulletin boards and may include group work, students are responsible for time-management, organization, and comprehension of materials.Without the safety net of face-to-face meetings, some students may find these responsibilities overwhelming. Distance learners should expect many of the same services offered by traditional schools and college.An administrative support team including enrollment counselors, academic advisors, and financial aid officers should be readily available and easy to contact whether it be by phone or email.Even for online classes, the faculty to student ratio should be relatively low.Instructors should be personable and should respond with graded materials in a timely manner.Also, instructors who are difficult to contact with questions and requests can hamper the student’s ability to cope with the instructional materials.Quality of support and faculty is of the utmost importance in distance learning. Distance education from a quality institution is as enriching and challenging as the education provided by traditional schools and colleges.The best way to be sure that an online college is committed to meeting the same standards as brick-and-mortar schools is through its accreditation.Quality online schools and colleges are regionally accredited by one of the six regional accreditation associations recognized by the United States Department of Education. Distance learners seeking the freedom of a distance education do not need to sacrifice the caliber of their education.Many online schools and colleges have high standards and demand excellence from both their faculty and their students.

What experience and education should an Ideal Leader possess?

There is varied experience and education that an Ideal leader should possess. The basic education should entail management courses which also include leadership skills. The experience should be defined from the ability to influence a group of people.

Should higher education be available to students with higher marks only?


Should there be online courses for elementary students?

No because they are not reasonable enough for online classes.

Importance of education in student life?

Education is vital to a student. They are attending a school or university to learn and every effort should be made to provide that education. Education opens doors for students.

Can you receive a good education online?

Yes, you can receive a good education online. Advancing your career through online education is good decision. More & more students are turning their career to Online courses for variety of reasons ,it isn't the best choice for everyone but but many students opt for online education. Networking building relation with students all over the world ,saving money, choices if that course is not available in your area, flexibility ,to work at their own pace, lack of commute and many more good reasons. Yes i totally agree with Mr.Harish, For some students, taking classes online is the only way that they can pursue a degree. Busy schedules, faraway campuses, or unavailable courses are some of the reasons prospective students have stayed away, problems that can be remedied through online course work.Even i pursued my masters Online and now i am earning great just keeo in mind whichsoever college/University you are choosing should have accreditation with AICTE-DEC-UGC which is very important otherwise good companies will not hire you.Eg my Mahatma Gandhi University (Meghalya)is approved from distance education council..otherwise my degree would worth nothing.

What has the author Virginia A Ostendorf written?

Virginia A. Ostendorf has written: 'Teaching through interactive television' -- subject(s): Distance education, Teleconferencing in education, Television in education 'Funding distance education projects' -- subject(s): Directories, Distance education, Educational fund raising, Endowments, Funding 'What every principal, teacher, and school board member should know about distance education' -- subject(s): Distance education

Which college courses should I take first?

Well, you don't want to waste your time on stuff you do not want to study. Take the courses you feel you will need for your education, even if you are going to do something like, being a priest, you should still get some math courses done.

What business courses should i take first?

You should complete the core courses first. These courses will give you a foundation for all other upper level courses. Many upper level courses require prerequisites and you cannot enroll in the course without having completed the core course. Students are expected to undertake the core courses in the equivalent of their first year and if they are failed, those courses will need to be repeated in the first semester in which they are next offered.

Obtaining Respiratory Therapy Education?

In this day and age, respiratory therapy education is becoming more and more popular. Respiratory therapy is required for various degrees and professions, so quite a few students are undertaking such courses. Colleges and trade schools regularly offer these course for students pursuing certain medical and other degrees. However, certain medical students who do not need this course should still take one or two classes. Having this knowledge can always payoff later in a career.