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Q: Which A-level subjects do I need to take if I am are persuing a degree in mass communication?
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What are the subjects in ba degree?

there are core subjects which are the three main subjects which are maths, science and English

What degree do you need to be a newscaster?

A Communication Degree.

What education is needed to be President?

You need to have a degree in all subjects and an A level in all subjects as well!!

How can one get a degree in counseling or psychology?

A degree in counseling or psychology can be obtained if one goes to university and studies the right subjects. In order to get on to that degree course one will need good school grades and an aptitude for the subjects.

Can we pursue two degree courses together?

i am persuing regular bed (bacholer of education)from mohan lal sukhadia same time i want to do MA in geography .it is possible.

Degree how many subjects pass to pramotion?

hi i want c.e

What subjects do you need to know to be a zoologist?

you need to know how to treat an animal correctly and you have to get your masters degree and your doctorit degree

What is the highest degree you can obtain in meteorology?

Like a lot of other subjects, the highest degree you can get in Meteorology would be a PhD.

Can a person get a BS degree in two subjects within four years?


What subjects are required for IT engineering?

Engineering Degree, and something to do with IT. Or just a BA in IT Engineering.

What subjects are needed to become a taxonomist?

The specific subjects that a person must study to become a taxonomist vary from one country to another. However, all taxonomists must possess a bachelor's degree in biology from an accredited school. The subjects required for this degree are dependent on the university's requirements.

What can you do with a Bachelor's Degree in Communications?

It depends on what you specialize in... do you want to do journalism, print media, television, radio, communication disorders, buisness communication, visual communication, political communication, or interpersonal communication? There's a lot you could do depending on what classes you choose to take in your degree! Check out the link above for some ideas.

What is the full form of ECE the degree?

Electronics and Communication Engineering

Are online degree programs popular?

Online degree programs are very popular. Some subjects can be easily done online and it is an easy, flexible solution to education. Other subjects can only be done in the classroom so online degree program popularity varies by subject.

If you have a degree in communication can you get a masters in psychology?

Yes you can. Many individuals take a master's that is unrelated to there bachelor's degree.

What is the degree of comparison for the adjective pale?

The word pale is in the "positive degree" because it does not make a comparison with other subjects, as do the comparative and superlative.

What subjects do you have to study at school to become a doctor?

you would need science (biology) degree and math degree

What subjects would help prepare for a psychiatry degree ?

Most subjects that would help prepare are the basic fundamental subjects you would take before pursuing this degree as your major. Assuming you would study the basics and get familiar with the course before enrolling is a sure-fire way to help as well.

How do you get a PHD in business?

If you have a MBA or a masters degree in related subjects you can apply for Phd in Business.

Can you pursue Master's degree in Aerospace with Bachelor's degree in electronics and communication engineering?

definitely, but only if your granpa is from Antarctica

What requirements are needed to become a journalist?

a degree in journalism, english, or communication

Complex capacity refers to the degree of which the communication method?

what is complexity capacity

What is the average salary for someone with a bachelor's degree in visual communication?


Can you become a lawyer with a bachelor's degree in communication?

No. You have to go to law school.

School subjects needed to become a human resources manager?

To become a human resource manager, you need a bachelor's degree. You need to take the school subjects to earn a bachelor's degree that can include English, human resources, and business administration.