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Francis Forde, who was Prime Minister for a mere 8 days, from 6 July 1945 to 13 July 1945.

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Q: Which Australian prime minister served the shortest term?
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Who was the prime minister of India who served the shortest tenure?

bikash agarwal

Which Indian prime minister served the shortest term?

AB Vajpayee

Which Australian prime minister served the longest term?

Robert Menzies is the longest Australian prime minister who was the 12th prime minister. He served 16 years and 1 month and 7 days(one week) from the 26 April 1939 to the 26 August 1941.

Which Canadian Prime Minister served the shortest term?

Sir Charles Tupper served as Prime Minister of Canada in 1896 from May 1 to July 8, only 68 days.

Who was Australian prime minister from 1972 to 1975?

William McMahon was the Australian Prime Minister for most of 1972, serving until 5 December, after which Edward "Gough" Whitlam became Prime Minister. Whitlam then served until his dismissal in November 1975.

Who was the Australian prime minister in 1916?

The Australian prime Minister in 1916 was William 'Billy' Hughes.

Has an Australian aboriginal been the prime minister?

No. To date, there has been no indigenous Australian Prime Minister.

Who was the Australian prime minister in 1919?

In 1919, the Australian Prime Minister was William 'Billy' Hughes.

Where does the Australian prime minister live when in Canberra?

The Australian Prime Minister's residence is called The Lodge.

When did John Gorton become Prime Minister?

John Grey Gorton became Australian Prime Minister on 9 January 1968.He served until 22 March 1971.

Has an Australian prime minister been shot at?

As of 2011, no. No Australian Prime Minister has been threatened in such a manner.

Which Australian Prime minister spent the longest time in office?

The Australian Prime Minister who served the longest time in office was Sir Robert Gordon Menzies, who was Prime Minister for a total of 18 years, over two different terms.He served from 10 December 1949 to 20 January 1966. Prior to this, he had a much shorter stint as Prime Minister, from 26 April 1939 to 28 August 1941.

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