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What are the members of woodwinds?

Clarinet, piccolo, oboe, bassoon these are the members of the woodwind section

Which family has the most members in the orchestra?

The String section has the most members in the orchestra.

Best gun on cod5?

PSH 11 M1 Cabrine or fg 42 with scope actually i would use the mp40 with apeture

What is a separate section of a city where members of a minority are forced to live?

The section is normally referred to as a ghetto.

Article 1 section 6 of the constitution?

Article 1 section 6 of the constitution pertains to members of Congress and how they are paid. It also states that members of Congress shall have legislative immunity.

What clause in the constitution says if a senate can expel one of its members?

Article 1 section 5 states that members can punish members for disorderly conduct and expel members with a 2/3 vote.

Can you cast spells on Pottermore?

Yes, there is a section to practice spells and a section for duelling with other members. If you duel you can earn house points.

The ICS finance section is responsible?

all financial, administrative, and cost analysis aspects of the incident and for supervising members of the Finance/Administration Section

Can Static data members be declared either in the private or public section of class declaration?

Yes. Static members can be private or public. (Or protected.)

What is the faculties members and guest residence section meaning?

It means faculties members and guest residence sections... I think you already knew your answer to your question.

Who were the members of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra French Horn section in 1954 1962 and 1963?

French horn orchestra members chicago symphony 1963

How do the members of congress reflect a cross section of the American people?

Members of Congress are elected by the people of their state and so represent the political aims of those people.

The major activities of the Planning Section include?

In ICS, the members of the Command Staff assume the title of

What is the same about a trumpet and a trombone?

Both are members of the brass section, and both have a front-facing bell.

What is extension c holder?

An Extension Cord Holder having side members connected by a center section which is shorter than the side members so as to provide a cord receiving space therebetween at opposite ends of the center section, the center section preferably has curved ends to facilitate the winding of the extension cord about the center section, and a handle is connected to one side member for carrying the Extension Cord Holder.

Do The members of congress reflect a cross section of the American people why or why not?

No, the members of congress reflect the white man's world, filled with rich, white, men whom are lawyers.

Is there a requirement that an audit committee be independent?

Section 301 of the act contains an amendment to Section 10A of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, which relates to independence of audit committee members.

What is in article 1 section 2?

what the heck??!! can i please get an answer people. what does it say that "people shall elect members of the _______________". in article 1 section 2. please help me. thx peeps

Do the members of congress represent a cross section of the American people?

No, it represents only the upperclass white men

Are members of congress a representative cross section of the American people?

Hardly. They are almost all from the privileged elite.

Can a senate expel one of its members?

Yes, according to article 5, section 3 of the Constitutional amendments.

Where will find you find the role descriptions for DIACAP team members?

While DKO (Defense Knowledge Service) elaborates on the roles and responsibilities of DIACAP team members, the authoritative original source is in the DIACAP document: DoDI 8510.01. Section 5.15 details the role of the DAA. Section 5.16 details the role of the Program or System Manager. Section 5.17 details the role of the User Representative. Section 5.18 details the role of the IAM.

What is data hidding in oop?

Data hiding can be done by specifying the variables or data members in a private or protected section.

Do you have to pay to play RuneScape?

no, there is a huge free-to-play section of the game. the members is just an option but is really fun.

What does article 1 section 2 and 3 declare that congress should do?

Must include members from each state