Which Football boot is better the Adidas Predator Pulse or the Adidas F50 boot?

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The Best Football Boot

It depends on what you are looking for in a boot. Some will say Predator Plus and others will say F50. Here are some opinions:

  • Predator I would say. The grip on the boot when the ball is struck with the foot means greater ability to swerve the ball. Adidas as the best footwear, and Predator Plus is their best. Beckham wore Predator.
  • The best boots are the ones that feel most comfortable to wear. Magic boots only exist in comics. You can't buy talent off the shelf.
  • Both boots have advantages. the Predator is tougher and slightly more comfortable, but is heavy. The F50 is lightweight and more nimble, but unfortunately lets water in through the mesh material.
  • In summer, F50s are the best, but where I play, in muddy old England, the Predators hold up through wear and tear much better, while the F50s let in too much mud and water, quickly wrecking the boot.
  • Predators all the way. I wasn't too sure about spending $200 on a pair of boots, but when i put them on and started taking shots I was immediately satisfied. Their slogan is "Lace into the power." I definitely noticed an increase in my shot power. The distance of my shot has also increased. I love the Predator Pulse TRX 2, the soft ground version. If you have the money, I recommend them over the F50s.

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David Beckahm has worn Adidas Predators since their release in 1994. He wears the boot he designed and that was created for him by Adidas. They are the new Adidas Predator Pulse TRX-SG which cost about $209.99 and he wears the Predator Pulse TRX-FG which are about $199.99.He wears the new red and silver pulse predators. They are made for him and only come in his size. Adidas have only made 723 pairs. However, a cheap alternative would be the massed produced 'Predator' boots. David has his initials DB on the flap and his number with the flag of England. He will soon be wearing white absolutes, with dark blue cleats, and red stripes, colors of England, that is for the world cup. same customization as before with the added world cup logo. He will wear a new pair every game here since they get about a week between each game, so he will train in them and break them in. He has practiced freekicks in scrimmages for training, he's amazingly brilliant with an 86 percent goal per freekick ratio.

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