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Q: Which Greek or Latin work means the same as gyne?
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What do alibi mean in latin and greek word?

alibi in greek is άλλοθι (allothi) and it has the same meaning.

Does homoerty have Greek or Latin roots?

Homophone is Greek. The roots are homos "same" and phone "sound".

Is a homonym greek or latin?

It is from both, in Laton 'homonymum and Greek 'homonymos'. The part 'homos' means 'same' and the part 'omyna' means name

What does the name Kayla mean in Latin?

the name kayla means the cround one in greek language which is probaly the same meaning as latin.

Which greek word means the same as latin amare?

Agape (ah-GAH-pee): "love"

What does the root word homo mean?

It depends on the word. For homicide, it is Latin and means 'man'. However for homophone or homosexual, it is Greek and means 'same'.same

How do you spell 'Jeremiah' in Latin?

The Latin spelling for the name 'Jeremiah' is Ieremias. The spelling is the same as the ancient, classical Greek. The name means 'Yhwh will raise' in Hebrew.

What does Sparta mean in latin?

Spina is Latin for spine. Spina Bifida means split spine in Latin.

What does homo mean in latin?

In Latin, homo means "man" in the sense of "person." (The word for "man"as opposted to "woman" is vir.) It should not be confused with the Ancient Greek word homo which means 'same'.

What Greek and Latin prefix mean the same?

uni (latin) mono (greek) both of them mean one

What is the greek meaning for remembrance?

Its not a Greek word. The translation is θύμηση (thimisi).It means the same thing as in English.

What is the derivation of 'leprosy'?

The term for the medical condition 'leprosy' is derived from Greek by way of Latin. The word in Latin is the noun 'lepra'. The word was borrowed from the same word in Greek 'lepra'. The Greek noun in turn was derived from the verb 'lepein', which means 'to peel'.