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Which Linux command can be used to repair improperly shutdown or otherwise potentially corrupt partitions?


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check and repair a Linux filesystem

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Shutdown -1 is not a correct command for shutting down. Open a command line... Start >> Run... >> cmd >> ENTER Then type: shutdown /h (shutdown) shutdown /r (restart) shutdown /l (log off) shutdown /? (more info on shutdown)

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If you close the lid of the laptop before it has finished, it will suspend all activity and wait for you to open it again before proceeding. Otherwise you may be accidentally putting it into hibernate or sleep modes, or restarting it.

to stop a cmd shutdown you type in "shutdown /a" (without quotes) shutdown /a is for windows vista and 7 if its windows xp u would use "shutdown -a" the function "/a" or "-a" means to abort a shutdown

shutdown -m \\computername - Remote computer to shutdown/restart/abort shutdown -t xx - Set timeout for shutdown to xx seconds

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right click > New > Shortcut then type the following line: to shutdown = shutdown -s to restart = shutdown -r

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To shut down a computer in command prompt first you have to pull it up- by going into "run" in te start menu and typing in "cmd". Then, when its open type in "shutdown" and a shutdown dialog will appear. When all the options for shutdown procedures show up, like "shutdown -m" and "shutdown -l" Type in "shutdown -i". When you enter this a remote shutdown dialog will appear on the screen. When it appears uncheck the two boxes and type in your computer name. (the computer name is under the control panel in "system propreties." Then enter it and your computer will shutdown.Dean age 12.shutdown -sor type shutdown /? for detailed information, and other options you can use (such as log off, restart, time delay, etc.)

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Insufficient context to understand the question.If you mean the absolute path to the Linux/Unix/OS X command 'shutdown', it varies with the system, but could be something like /bin/shutdown, /usr/bin/shutdown or similar.You can normally find it by typing "whereis shutdown" in a terminal window.

Maybe you are accidentally pressing restart instead of shutdown because they are right next to each other

The shortcut key to shutdown Windows 7 computer would be Alt+F4 and then press U to shutdown.

To - Shutdown - shutdown -s Restart - shutdown -r Log off - shutdown -l To time a restart/shutdown etc. - shutdown -s/r/l -t however many seconds you want (cannot time a log off) Show ip addresses - ipconfig/all Some Basics on CMD. Ask if you want some more.

If you are running Windows Operating system, then you can use 'shutdown -a' to abort a shutdown. Click Start -> Run Type 'shutdown -a' in text box. Then click OK. This will stop the shutdown process. It is hard to find why system is rebooting. It may be a virus which is causing the shutdown. By running this command you will get time to research.

Go to command prompt c:\>shutdown -i Then give the client ip Then give shutdown.

There are alot of commands for cmd... Theres ones that wipe your hardrive, make you an admin or simply shutdown. I only know the shutdown one off by heart, you can even make it time down and have a comment - here it is shutdown -s -t 90 -c "your message here!" Shutdown = shutdown. -s = Shutdown - can also be changes to -r for restart. -t + put in your time limit -c " " = comment " " ! If you want more for "shutdown" go on cmd and type in shutdown this will come up with lots of options to help! Or just type in help in there and you get loads of help!

sudo halt or sudo shutdown -h or sudo init 0

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