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Health Maintenance Organizations deliver medical care, not dental care. Contact your health care provider about the available options for dental care.

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Q: Which Pennsylvania dental insurance carriers accept HMO Plans?
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What dental plans does aspen dental accept?


Which insurance offers the best coverage for Preventive and Diagnostic Dental Care?

Most Dental carriers offer insurance that looks something like this. 100% Preventive 80% Basic and 50% Major , most often with a $25 or $50 deductible per family member. Before selecting a dental carrier, check with your dentist to see which insurance companies they accept as "in network".

Is there an insurance company that covers just dental insurance?

To find a dental insurance you can contact a dentist office to find out what type of insurance they accept. Then contact those companies. If you have a specific dentist office you want to go to then it's especially important to find out what insurance they accept.

What dental company does accept McDonald's insurance?

I think it's Aflac

Do Mexican dentist accept delta dental insurance from America?

Some Mexican dentists do accept Delta dental insurance from America. To find out if the dentist would be covered, you would need to contact Delta, and then contact the dentist to make sure that they would accept the insurance.

Does aspen dental accept cigna dental insurance?

Aspen Dental accepts most insurance plans but coverage does vary by office. You can find out which plans are accepted at your local practice.

What license is needed to sell dental insurance in Pennsylvania?

You would need to become a licensed insurance agent through the Pennsylvania Department of Insurance, dental insurance specifically falls under the category of "health insurance". You can get your PA Health Insurance license by itself, or, more commonly, together with a life insurance license.

What dental insurance does dr Robert dewitt of Tyson's corner VA accept from his dental patients?

Call his office and ask.

Where can one get insurance in dental HMO?

Most major health insurance carriers also offer dental in HMO plans. Blue Cross and Blue Shield, as well as Anthem, offer this protection. Metlife also offers dental HMO plans.

Where can I locate the names of the dentists that accept my dental insurance?

There are various way to find lists of dentists who accept your dental insurance. You can go to your local White pages and call each provider, but that is very time consuming. You can also call 1-800-Dentist. The vast majority of their dentists will accept major insurance plans.

What does the corporation IHC do?

The corporation IHC, or Independent Holding Company, is an organization of insurance carriers, and administrative affiliates that provide life, health, dental, and vision insurance.

I live in Lincolnton N.C. I have no insurance is there anywhere I can get free dental or reduced cost dental help in my area?

There is a really great dental insurance called Smile Saver. A lot of dentists accept the plan and you can save a lot.

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