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What are the rarest pokmon in Pokemon Pearl?


Where is TM 23 on Pokmon Pearl?

it is in iron mountain it is in iron mountain

What Pokmon can be caught on Pokmon Blue?

i dont no get a better game like pokemon ranger pokemon diamon pearl or platinum or black white soul silver heart gold or gardian signs

Where to see a Alakazam in Pokemon pearl?

In the elite four, you have to battle Lucian.

What do you do after you beat Elite Four Lucian in Pokemon pearl?

You then have to beat Cynthia

Can you capture Pokmon in Pokmon Battle revolution?

you cant

When did Lucian die?

Lucian died in 180.

When was Lucian born?

Lucian was born in 125.

What is the birth name of Lucian Freud?

Lucian Freud's birth name is Lucian Michael Freud.

What is the birth name of Lucian Grainge?

Lucian Grainge's birth name is Lucian Charles Grainge.

Pokmon emarld cheats?


How do you get shiney pokmon?

you need orbs.

What has the author Lucian Reich written?

Lucian Reich has written: 'Lucian Reich' -- subject(s): Exhibitions

How tall is Lucian Piane?

Lucian Piane is 6'.

Is Lucian of the Elite Four a boy or a girl?

Lucian is a boy.

When was Lucian Boia born?

Lucian Boia was born in 1944.

When did Lucian of Beauvais die?

Lucian of Beauvais died in 290.

When did Lucian Bernhard die?

Lucian Bernhard died in 1972.

When was Lucian Bernhard born?

Lucian Bernhard was born in 1883.

How tall is Lucian Muntean?

Lucian Muntean is 193 cm.

How tall is Lucian Pavel?

Lucian Pavel is 179 cm.

When was Lucian Vasilache born?

Lucian Vasilache was born in 1954.

When did Lucian Müller die?

Lucian Müller died in 1898.

When was Lucian Müller born?

Lucian Müller was born in 1836.

When was Lucian Turcescu born?

Lucian Turcescu was born in 1966.

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