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No U. S. President or Vice President has been publicly elected.

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Who was the only president not elected for president or vice president?

Gerald Ford is the only US president who was not elected as president or vice president.

Who was elected Vice-president in 1960?

Lyndon Baines Johnson was elected vice president in 1960 when Kennedy was elected president. There is no individual vote for vice president in the US.

Besides the president who is the only nationally elected leader in the US?

Well, with the elected president comes the vice president.__________________As a footnote, neither the president nor the vice president is nationally elected. The people vote for electors in the presidential election.

Who was the first president elected as president while serving as Vice President?

John Adams, the first US Vice President, was elected as President while serving as Vice President.

Who was elected vice president of the us?

The current vice president is Joe Biden.

What year was john adams elected vice president?

Adams was elected in 1787 to be the first US vice president.

Was Thomas Jefferson the US vice president?

Yes- Jefferson was elected US vice president in 1796. the year that Adams was elected President. Jefferson went on to be elected President four years later, in 1800.

Which president was not elected as president or vice president in the US?

The only person who was President and Vice-President without being elected was Republican Gerald Ford who was our country's 38th President and 40th Vice-President.

What president wasn't elected?

Gerald Ford is the US President elected neither to the office of President or Vice-President.

Can a us president elected as vice president after serving two terms serve again as president?

After being elected US President twice, a person may not run for Vice President, because in order to qualify for the vice presidency one must be eligible for the presidency. When a person is elected Vice President then less than two years after inauguration he/she becomes President, he/she may be elected President once after that. When a person is elected Vice President then between two and four years after inauguration he/she becomes President, he/she may be elected President twice after that.

Who was American's second vice president?

Thomas Jefferson was the second (elected) Vice President of the US

Who was appointed first vice president?

John Adams was elected to be the first vice president of the US.

How many women have been elected president or vice president?

At this writing, 5/3/2010, no woman has ever been elected President or Vice President of the US.

Who was the only US President to never be elected as President or Vice President?

President Gerald Ford was not elected to either office of President or Vice President. He was appointed Vice President in 1973 after Vice President Agnew resigned, and succeeded President Nixon in 1974 after his resignation.

Who was the US vice president in 1800?

Thomas Jefferson was the US vice president in 1800.

When was the vice president elected?

In the US ,The vice president and the president run as a team and are elected at the same time. The current VP was elected in Nov. 2008. The next election will in Nov. 2012.

Can a US senator vote for the vice president?

Not directly. The vice president is elected along with the president in the electoral college.

Who was was selected as the first Vice President of the US?

John Adams was the first Vice President of the US. However, he was elected, not selected.

Who is is the Vice-president of the US?

Joseph Biden is the current vice-president. He was first elected in November of 2008 and re-elected in 2012.

What US presidents were not elected to office?

John Tyler, Millard Fillmore, Andrew Johnson and Chester Alan Arthur were elected as vice president but were never elected to be president. Gerald Ford was not elected as either President or vice-president.

Who was elected vice president in 1804?

George Clinton was elected as the 4th US Vice President. He was the running mate of re-elected President Thomas Jefferson, replacing incumbent Vice President Aaron Burr, who suffered politically after killing Alexander Hamilton in a duel.*This was the first US Presidential election where the President and Vice President were elected in separate ballots, pursuant to the 12th Amendment (June 15, 1804).

Who was the only unelected us president?

Gerald Ford was the only President not to be elected in any national election. The others who were not elected President were elected vice president.

Can a US president be elected as Vice-President after serving two terms as President?

=== === No, any type of president can be elected for a maximum of 2 terms. the president and vice presidents terms are equivelent

How does the US Vice President get his job?

He/She is elected like the President of the United States

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