Which affects your FICO score more 3 charge offs or collections at fifteen to thirty dollars each or one 60 days past due account that's six years old but paid off?

Your FICO score is affected by ALL of the factors used to calculate the score anytime your credit is pulled. This is why specific questions like yours are impossible to answer with certainty. The Fair Isaac Company, who developed credit scoring software, is very secretive about the methods used to calculate credit scores. Even guesses as to what the impact may be are based on emphirical evidence. Based on the information that Fair Isaac has released: 35% of the score is based on account history. What this means for you is that the amount of the charge offs/collections is not important. The significant issue here is when the creditor last reported (of updated) them on the credit bureau. Information impacts your score less and less as it gets older. You also need to consider other factors that may be affecting your score. Factors like having positive credit to offset any negative information, the amounts owed on revolving accounts, length of time accounts have been open and excessive inquiries.