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Which amendment legalized alcohol?

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the 18th amendment outlawed it, then the 21st legalized it again.

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Was there an amendment that legalized slavery?

Yes, the fourteenth amendment legalized slavery.

Which Amendment legalized the sale of liquor?

The 21st amendment legalized the sale and consumption of liquor.

What impact has the 18th amendment had?

It made alcohol illegal. It actually caused more problems than it fixed, so they legalized it. (21st Amendment is the Repeal of Prohibition)

When did alcohol become legal?

Alcohol was legal in the united states from 1776 to 1920. It was made illegal by the 18th amendment to the constitution, when prohibition was declared. In 1933, the U.S. Congress ratified the 21st amendment, which repealed prohibition and legalized the sale and consumption of alcohol.

Which amendment repealed prohibition and legalized the sale of liquor?

the 21st amendment

Should alcohol beverages be legalized for all ages?

No. it can't be legalized for all ages.

What did the 16th amendment make legal?

It legalized Marijuana and Meth.

Which amendment outlawed alcohol?

The Eighteenth Amendment outlawed alcohol in the United States.

Which Amendment addressed the moral issue of alcohol?

The 18th Amendment deals with alcohol

How did the 23rd amendment change the repeal against alcohol?

The 23rd amendment had nothing to do with alcohol.

What amendment prohibited alcohol?

eighteenth amendment

What court case was overturned to set stage for legalized segregation?

fourteenth amendment

Which amendment prohibited alcohol?

The 18th amendment

Which amendment forbids the manufacture sale or transportation of alcohol?

18th Amendment prohibited alcohol, in 1919. was repealed by 21st Amendment in 1935.

What amendment to the constitution prohibits the use of alcohol?

The 18th Amendment banned alcohol from 1920-1933.

The sale of alcohol was forbidden by which amendment?

The Eighteenth Amendment

What amendment made alcohol illegal?

The 18th Amendment

Which amendment banned the use of alcohol?

amendment 2

What amendment was passed prohibiting alcohol?

Amendment 18

What does 21st amendment say?

The 21st amendment repealed the 18th amendment. The 18th amendment prohibited alcohol in the United States, while the 21st allowed alcohol back in.

What is the 21 amendment?

The 21 Amendment repealed the 18th Amendment of prohibition of alcohol.

Which amendment made alcohol legal again?

The 21st Amendment

What did the 18 amendment ban?

alcohol, but it was repealed by the 21st amendment.

Which amendment prohibited the sale and consumption of alcohol?

The 18th amendment but the 21st amendment repealed it

What does Amendment XVIII do?

The 18th Amendment abolished the sale or manufacture of alcohol in the United States The 18th Amendment abolished the sale or manufacture of alcohol in the United States