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Q: Which ammeter DMM or VOM has the higher loading effect Why?
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Voltmeter DMM or VOM has the higher loading effect?

The VOM has the higher loading effect, because it has a lower impedance. It is typical for a VOM to have an impedance of 20K ohms per volt while the DMM has a fixed impedance of 10M ohms or 20M ohms.

What games have DMM?

PSP games do not have the power for DMM PSP games do not have the power for DMM

Can a DMM be used as a simple coax tester?

You can use the DMM to test continuity in the cable.

What is the input resistance of an ideal current-measuring DMM?

First of all, DMM stands for Digital Multimeter. The -multi implies the meter measures several different parameters, usually voltage, current, resistance, and sometimes other things such as frequency. The input characteristics of a DMM will be very different depending on the parameter selected. For current, the ideal meter would have zero input resistance. Since the ammeter is inserted in series with the circuit under test, any resistance will alter the measured current, introducing error in the measurement.

Different parts of multimeter?

A typical Digital Multimeter (DMM) will measure resistance, voltage and current. Resistance and voltage are measured by putting the DMM in parallel with the element(s) you are measuring. Current is measured by putting the DMM in series with the element(s).

How do you test a resistorcapacitordiodes?

With a DMM (Digital Multi Meter)

Who backed suported the tyrants?

the Athens and the Spartans dmm

Can you test connectivity of circuit using DMM?

Yes. There is a sign of Speaker/sound on a side DMM. Move the knob of DMM on that symbol. Now connect one prob of the DMM on one circuit element & one under that(If you are designing the circuit on PCB or plain board). If a sound come out of that then it means that your circuit element & the portion below that are properly connected.

Which electrical voltage value does a dmm output when in diode test mode?

When testing a diode with dmm in diode test mode 0.6v is delivered through the device to indicate continuity

What is the current rating on the fuse in the HP 34401A DMM?

3 A max...

What is the abbreviation used for Dubai and Dammam?

DUBAI --------- DXB Dammam ------ DMM

How do you troubleshoot a thermal overload relay?

With a DMM on the Ohm scale or a continuity tester

What is typically the lowest impedance found between the probe sockets of a DMM?

1 ohm

What would happen if you stirred water and sand faster?

snjswdsl dksd dm dmm ddja

What is The appropriate EST for performing a resistance test on a potentiometer-type TPS isolated from its circuit?


What are the basic instrument that can be used to directly measure the AC voltages?

Digital Volt Meter (DMM)

What type of accessory device can be used to measure AC with a VOM without opening the circuit?

Electricians use a clamp or clamp-on ammeter to measure current. The handles are squeezed together and the "jaws" open up. The clamp is then slipped over the conductor and the handles are released. The "jaws" close around the conductor and the meter is then in a position to measure current in that conductor. When current flows in a conductor, the current generates a magnetic field around the conductor. And the clamp-on ammeter can "feel" the current and measure it, thus permitting an investigator to know how much current is flowing in that conductor. The clamp-on ammeter is a stand-alone meter, but can sometimes be the kind that is plugged into a digital multimeter (DMM). A link to the Wikipedia article on the clamp ammeter is provided.

How do you connect a digital voltmeter to a battery?

Just connect the two terminal of DMM to respective terminals of battery...

What scale must a dmm have to measure current in a circuit?

ohms law babe voltage,current & resistance

How do you test for short to voltage?

The following procedure tests for a short to voltage in a circuit.1. Set the rotary dial of the DMM to the V(DC) position.2. Connect the positive lead of the DMM to 1 end of the circuit to be tested.3. Connect the negative lead of the DMM to a good ground.4. Turn ON the ignition and operate all accessories.5. If the voltage measured is greater than 1 volt there is a short to voltage in the circuit.

When measuring an unknown value of voltage the meter should be initially set to?

With an unknown voltage you should start out with the highest voltage setting on the meter. Doing this reduces the risk of "pegging" out the needle on an analog gauge or overloading the input of a DMM. Most DMM's are auto-ranging though.

What are the names of some online shops where one can purchase a Fluke thermometer from?

My Fluke Store. I got my Fluke DMM from them.

What is the airport code for King Fahd International Airport?

The airport code for King Fahd International Airport is DMM.

Why is an ammeter also called a tell tale?

There are some applications where using an ammeter is the only way to troubleshoot a problem without tearing apart the entire circuit. It is the only meter setting on the DMM used while the circuit is energized. After calculating the amperage that should flow through the circuit by measuring ohms and volts, an ammeter directly shows any "tell tale" discrepancies between calculated amps and actual amps. Example: In theatre lighting, a volt meter reads 110V on a power circuit, and an ohmmeter reads close to 0 when measuring across a lamp's power connector leads; yet, when connected, the lamp won't light and the breaker doesn't trip. In theory, 110V across a lamp reading 0 ohms should light the lamp. A quick bit of minor surgury and a measure with the ammeter "tells the tale" that very little current is flowing; therefore, one of the digital dimmer packs has probably gone bad -- it will provide a phantom power of 110V with little current. Without the ammeter, one would have to waste time troubleshooting the dimmer itself.

When testing a shortened diode with a DMM and the positive lead is connected to the anode what should the reading be?

Assuming the DMM is rated to test diodes (not all are), meaning that it presents more than forward drop voltage to the diode, a shorted diode will test nearly zero ohms, usually in both directions.