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A goldfish. their attention span's about 3 seconds.

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Q: Which animals have short attention spans?
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yes! they are hormonal, that is why.

Why do teens have short attention spans?

Teens are not well rewarded or as quickly rewarded for having long attention spans. Most of the rewards (mental or physical) come from quick easy things.

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I believe so, there is a dwarf in my school and he is ever so slighlty "Special"

When you see someone that has ADHD how do you feel?

I feel sympathy for the person. He/She may have trouble with school due to their short attention spans.

How does a sea anemone adapt to its environment?

Yes they do they have short attention spans meaning they wont even reconise their enviroment has changed.

How long is Humans?

* Children have very short attention spans. * For teenagers it shortens. * Geriatrics concentrate forever, but can't rmember anything.

How long is human concentration?

* Children have very short attention spans. * For teenagers it shortens. * Geriatrics concentrate forever, but can't rmember anything.

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LiveWire Radio is perfectly legal to listen to. It is an internet radio variety show that classifies itself as being for those with short attention spans.

Why is it that children cannot sit down quietly for two hours?

Children are excitable beings, that are often naturally hyperactive with short attention spans. Regardless their general behaviour, children will be children.

Where can you write to get interesting stuff for kids?

keep in mind their attention spans

What is the attention span of an elephant?

The elephant is believed to have an attention span that is similar to that of a child around the age of 5 to 7. This is thought to be one of the longest attention spans in the animal kingdom.

Which cartoon was found to hinder preschoolers' attention spans?

spongebob square pants

Why would a movie be boring to a pigeon?

Pigeon's have rather small brains, and thus, short attention spans. The only movies that are entertaining to pigeons are Japanese anime as they have lots of distracting action and tentacles which looks like worms.

What are some of the symptoms of ADD and ADHD?

Some of the symptoms of ADD and ADHD are low attention spans, constant fidgeting and a great difficulty in keeping attention to certain tasks requiring such attention.

Do kids LOVE spyro?

While they may enjoy the games and become familiar with the character, it is unlikely that they will develop an emotional attachment that could be called love. Children's attention spans are short and easily diverted onto the next subject.

What is the average attention span of a bird?

Many birds have different attention spans. However, the bigger birds are very brave but have a habbit of looking away or cocking its head and staring at you.

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planned obsolescence

When did organisms that formed index fossils?

Short spans of geologic time

Life period for all domestic animals?

Are called life spans.

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Since the speech is for children, make it short and use simple language. Children have very short attention spans. You have learned a lot in preschool and had a lot of fun. We are very proud of every one of you. We are happy to send you to kindergarten. Keep on learning and always remember to do your best.