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You should contact your doctor or hospital. If you can try to contact different ones. Sometimes if you ask a general question the doctors will answer you even if they are not your appointed doctors. With several professional opinions you should feel more comfortable that you are getting the necessary tests.

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Q: Which are the most important hormones to check for a mother-to-be with hypothyroidism and how often should she be checked?
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What if your temperature is 96.4?

You should be checked for hypothyroidism.

What causes chills headache constipation and tingling in the penis?

Have your thyroid levels checked. Cold sensitivity and ED are common symptoms of hypothyroidism.

What hormones do you test for osteoporosis?

That depends - usually a TSH (thyroid) and vitamin D are checked. Others can be checked if special circumstances make them likely.

Is there any role of thyroid hormone in obesity?

Weight gain is a symptom of hypothyroid (underactive thyroid), however, if you do not have hypothyroidism you should not use thyroid hormones to speed up your metabolism. This will cause hyperthyroid and have serious side effects which could lead to death. If you suspect you are overweight because of an underactive thyroid you need to ask your doctor to have your tsh levels checked AND your free t3, free t4 checked. If you want to support your thyroid naturally you could try incorporating more iodine and selenium rich foods into your diet. These minerals are needed for your thyroid to produce the thyroid hormones.

What does it mean when you get your period 3 times a month?

Sounds like your hormones needs to be checked, This is not healthy for you. See a doctor.

Why is it important to have an immigrant checked for a criminal record?

to find out where he got it from.

Why is it important to control possum populations?

It is very important. if not checked, slums can develop and there will be many diseases. Hygienic

What should I do first fix bad teeth or get heart checked?

you shall get your heart checked first ... important things come first such as your life.

Can a woman have breats milk without beening pregnant?

Generally, no. Breast milk is the result of hormones after a baby is born. I suggest this is some other condition and should be checked out.

How important is it for a woman to be checked for osteoporosis when she is in her 60's?

It is very important for women past menopause to be checked for osteoporosis. Menopause occurs before age 60 in most women, and heralds the beginning of a steady decline in bone density.

I noticed a bump on the side of my neck under my skin It's been there for a couple of months Should I get it checked out by a doctor?

Yes, it is important to have the bump on your neck checked by a doctor.

Why is it important to have your breast examine?

breast cancer is a very common cancer, so it is important to have your breasts checked for lumps that may be the beginnings of a tumor

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