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Which astronaut hit a golf ball on the moon?


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Alan Shepard used a modified six iron during the Apollo 14 mission in 1971.

The folding "sampling arm" he used to pick up rocks, had a specially made golf club head that could be screwed on. When he was done, he brought this folding "space golf club" back to Earth, and it was presented to comedian Bob Hope, an avid golfer well beloved by all branches of service.

Alan Shepard, commander of Apollo 14, using a modified 6-Iron, hit two golf balls while on the moon's surface.


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No. The lack of air would make that hard to do. But one astronaut did hit a golf ball on the moon.

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One astronaut took along a golf ball, and hit it with an improvised golf club, so it may be claimed that golf is the Lunar sport- but it can be difficult to get to the golf course.

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It would move and go 6 times as farther than on the moon due to the gravity of the moon being 1/6 of Earth's gravity.

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None. Alan Shepard was the astronaut who hit golf balls on a later mission.

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