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Which baseball team did one of the jurors keep referring to in the movie twelve angry men?


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Juror #7 had tickets to see the Yankees play Cleveland.

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Twelve jurors are trying to come to a decision on whether a young man is guilty or innocent for the murder of his father.

they all die hhaahahaha

They believed the accused was genuinely guilty.

There have always been twelve jurors on any jury panels that I know of. Does something give you the impression there should be any less? I believe twelve individuals would be able to come up with the appropriate verdict much better than six. I only say that because I realize some cases only employ six to eight jurors. But, not in Capital cases!

juror number two,eight ,five,nine,eleven and six.

The first vote was 11-1 against Henry Fonda. So all the others changed their vote.

One of the jurors has tickets to a baseball game and is in a hurry. The game gets rained out.

Juror Eight is the protagonist in Twelve Angry Men.

Because jurors are there to do a job and not socialize. Even the use of first names provide a platform for personalization, which could possible hinder deliberation efforts.

The trial was disrupted by an angry outburst from one of the jurors.

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Jurors are everyday people who sit in judgment during trials.

Lumet, S., & Rose, R. (1957). Twelve angry men. Los Angeles: Orion-Nova Twelve Angry Men.

This isn't really explored. 12 Angry Men makes for a better title than 12 Angry People. While making remakes, adding female jurors was explored but dismissed as executives did not want to change the title. Writing in a female might change the group dynamic and require extra work in script writing.

To bend over the jurors, then put his penis in their pooper, then get charged for it

No, they eventually agree that the boy is innocent.

Juror #8 -played by Henry Fonda in the 1957 black-and-white version directed by Sidney Lumet- manages to persuade all 11 other jurors to find the defendant not guilty. And they leave the courthouse.

The law is accurate in the movie Twelve Angry Men as it relates to finding a Defendant "Guilty beyond reasonable doubt."

There are several logical fallacies committed by the jurors in 12 Angry Men. For example, one juror is guilty of a false analogy.

The Fonda's. Henry in Twelve Angry Men", Jane in "Klute" and Peter in "Easy Rider".

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