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Q: Which benefits can get a student's sponsor if he signed to finance all of the student's expenses?
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What are synonyms of the word sponsor?

finance, promote, subsidize, help, back

Does my uncle sponsor my educational expenses in US?

That is a question you should ask your uncle to receive an answer.

Benefits of sponsorship?

Company's / business's give you money to have them as your sponsor

Do sponsors pay for travel for a pro bass fisherman?

In some instances a sponsor will pay for travel. You need to contact your sponsor to find out if yours will provide travel expenses.

What is a synonym for the word finance?

Noun: commerce, banking, economics, financial affairsVerb: capitalize, subsidize, patronize, sponsor

Can you use non-means-tested public benefits to sponsor a relative for a visa on form I-864?

No. Receipt of means-tested public benefits does not disqualify anyone from being a sponsor. However, means-tested public benefits cannot be accepted as income for the purposes of meeting the income requirement.

Which Hospitals in Michigan sponser students to attend Radiography Schools ?

Hospitals do not sponsor students. There are plenty of graduates for them to choose from without having to do that. Look for a scholarship instead.

Who will sponsor college festival?

If it is a small festival organized by students, a local restaurant might sponsor it. If it is a large festival, a company that donates to or partners with the university might sponsor it; for example, a festival at Ave Maria University in Florida might be sponsored by Domino's Pizza.

Did Columbus find a sponsor in Italy to finance his voyage?

"About half of the financing was to come from private Italian investors, whom Columbus had already lined up."

Why organizations sponsor?

They do so for cheap advertising to certain groups. Events need to pay for the expenses they incur. Sponsors work well for these groups. It is a great relationship.

How do you get sponsorship to attend a US University if you reside in the UK?

You must get someone to sponsor you, or you must submit proof of the source and ability to pay tuition, fees, and living expenses.

How can you become a sponsor for an adult immigrant?

You can sponsor him thru employment. In other words, you have to hire them to work for you. I am not sure if you can just bring them under some other type of visa and that only requires you to pay all his/her livings expenses without working for you, but there may be. You better check with the USCIS or an immigration attorney.