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Which birds mate for life?

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Many birds form long-term pair bonds that may last a lifetime, or only several years. No species is known to always mate for life; studies show that most monogamous species are more like humans, in that some pairings last only a short time, some for years, and a few for a lifetime.

Birds known to form long-term pair bonds that may last a lifetime include swans, geese, most hawks, eagles and falcons, most parrots, albatrosses, ravens, pigeons and doves, and more. Birds as a class contain more monogamous species than not, though some species switch mates more often than others. Most migratory Songbirds find a new mate every year. Relatively few bird species are polygamous (males mate with many females), and just a few are polyandrous (females mate with many males).

Also like humans, though, even pair-bonded birds are known through genetic testing to occasionally "cheat" on their partners!

2008-05-21 10:16:56
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Q: Which birds mate for life?
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Do birds keep the same mate for life?

That would depend on the species of bird. Some birds mate for life, others mate for only a mating season.

Do birds mate for life?


Do mocking birds mate for life?

I believe that they do. alot of animals mate for life no they dont

Do birds mate?

all birds mate

Is there any kind of bird that can fly and does mate for life and is a mammal?

Many birds fly and a number mate for life. But no bird is a mammal.

Do crows mate for life?

Yes crows mate for life. The only exceptions are if the male crow is killed or incappasitated or the birds can not keep the breeding line going.

Do Crow mate for life?

Yes crows mate for life. The only exceptions are if the male crow is killed or incappasitated or the birds can not keep the breeding line going.

What do birds do to attract mate?

birds attract there mate by singing hope it helped

Which animal mate for life?

Some animals that mate for life are gray wolves, gibbon apes, foxes, and some types of fish & birds like the golden eagle.

Can a male parakeet breed with more than one female at a time?

Not usually. Birds mate for life unless the mate dies or is otherwise permanently separated from its mate.

Can a parakeet mate with a lovebird?

No. The two birds could be companion birds, but they couldn't mate.

Do birds mate before or after making a nest?

Birds mate after and before making a nest

How can you get birds to mate?

you can't make birds mate they have to be stimulated and some couples don't get along.

What time of the day does love birds like to mate?

love birds mate in summer and spring

Do animals marry as mankind does?

Some animals especially birds will seek out a mate and stick with it for life.

How do birds tell their mate from other birds?

their beek

Do birds mate and build its nest?

Yes, all birds mate and have nests at one point or another. The process is different with all birds.

What kind of mate would be attractive to a female sociopath?

These are meant to be questions regarding birds, not your love life.

Can you mate the same breed of birds?

Yes, you can mate the same breed of birds. Some popular breeds of birds that are good to breed include canaries, love birds, and parrots.

When do birds mate?


Can two kinds of birds mate?

Probably, but they wouldn't because birds are instinctively drawn to mate only with their own kind.

Can birds mate in midair?

Yes. Parrots and swifts can mate in midair.

How do baby birds mate?

Baby animals of any species do not mate.

Do opossums mate for life?

No, they do not mate for life.

What do birds do when their mate dies?

They live with it.