Which boils faster water or sprite?


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2011-12-30 04:25:34
2011-12-30 04:25:34

Why don't you try it and find out? >:/

Haha, just kidding! Sprite boils faster because it is already broken up due to the carbonation

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sugar water boils faster sugar water boils faster sugar water boils faster sugar water boils faster

tap water boils faster than salt water

The water that boils fasteris fresh water because salthas an effect on water.

drinking water boils faster because the saltwater has to desolve first.

Pure water is evaporated faster.

when water boils it evaporates,particles start to move faster

Coke and sprite have higher melting points than water.

water makes a plant grow faster because they where growing befor sprite was envented and water was here

milk boils faster because it has a lower boiling point and is less dense

I suppose that pure water freeze faster.

Type your answer here... hot water will evaporate faster than hot sprite because hot water does not have any menerals in it

No it boils slower because the salt won't evaporate.

sprite has sugar so it will take a while for it to sink. the penny will sink faster in water because it doesnt have sugar or anything that soda has

The molecules move faster, and the water boils.

fresh water does ive tryed it

Carbonated water boils faster than tap water or purified water.

Hot water boils faster because it is already hot.

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