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In the US, the Legislative Branch.

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Q: Which branch approves cabinet and judicial appointees?
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What branch approves cabinet and judicial appointees?

In the American form of democracy, the governmental branch most responsible for approving (or rejecting) the choices and resolutions of the executive branch (that is, of the president) is the legislative branch. The legislators (elected senators and representatives) can vote to back the executive branch's recommendations or not, as in the example of a declaration of war.

What does the legislative branch approves?

The legislative branch approves Presidential appointees such as cabinet, Attorney General, Justices on Supreme Court, Judges on Federal districts, impeach the President and put President on trial, approve all treaties, reverse a veto by President, appropriate funds,

Congressional body that must approve presidents cabinet?

The Senate must approve the president's cabinet.

In a presidential form of government which branch approves the appointments of the members of the judicial branch.?

The Legislative branch.

When does a bill go to the president?

it reaches obamma after the judicial branch approves it.

The what branch appoints the judicial branch?

The president appoints the jjustices of the Supreme Court and the Senate approves it.

Who is in the judicial branch and the executive branch?

Judicial: federal judges Executive: President, Vice President, his cabinet...

Who Appoints And Approves Members Of The Judicial Branch In A Presidential Style Of Government?

the executive and legislative branch, respectively

In a presidential style of government who appoints in approves members of the judicial branch?

the executive and legislative branch, respectively

Who approves and carry out laws passed by the legislative branch?

The Executive Branch (the President) approves laws passed by the Legislative Branch. They are also responsible for implementing as well as enforcing those laws.

What are the responsibilities of the three branches of government?

Judicial- The judicial branch of government approves laws. It determines whether it is constitutional to have such a law. Supreme Court. Legislative- Writes the laws. Has the power to declare war. Congress Executive- Enforces the law. President and his Cabinet.

What part of the legislative branch checks the judicial branch by approving the appointment of the judges?

The legislative branch that approves Federal Judges is the Senate.