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In the U.S., the legislative branch of government is responsible, and has the constitutional powers, to declare war.

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Congress is specifically given the power by the Constitution to declare war.

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Q: Which branch of government approves war?
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What branch of government declares war approves Constitutional amendments and begins impeachment proceedings?

the legislative branch (congress)

In a presidential form of government which branch approves the appointments of the members of the judicial branch.?

The Legislative branch.

What branch of the government approves laws?

the congress in white house

What branch of the us government approves and vetoes bills?

The Executive Branch has the authority to veto a bill.

What branch of the government makes the laws and approves the state budget?


Who Appoints And Approves Members Of The Judicial Branch In A Presidential Style Of Government?

the executive and legislative branch, respectively

In a presidential style of government who appoints in approves members of the judicial branch?

the executive and legislative branch, respectively

What branch of government approves treaties with other nations?

The only branch of the United States Federal Government that can enter into treaties with other sovereign nations is the legislative branch.

What branch approves the nomination of the secretary of state?

The Executive Branch of the Federal government is the branch that chooses who will be Secretary of State in the United States. The President of the United States appoints who will be in this post in the Cabinet.

What are the jods of executive branch?

The executive branch includes the president, which approves and enforces the laws. Also in the executive branch are the president's cabinet and agencies that the government has.

Which government branch to decide whether or not to approve the people of the president appoints to be judges?

Congress approves, the president appoints.

What branch of government can declare war?

The Legislative Branch of government can declare war, or more specifically, Congress.congress.