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Horse Breeds from CzechoslovakiaTHE SHAGYA-ARABIAN HORSE

The Shagya-Arabian horse was developed in the Austro-Hungarian Empire over 200 years ago The breed originated from the need for a horse with the endurance, intelligence and character of an Arabian, but with larger size and carrying capacity required by the Imperial Hussars. Over time, Shagyas were utilized both as carriage and light riding horses. The registry of the breed is the oldest next to the registry of the English Hunt Club. The Shagya breed was originally developed at the Imperial Stud at Baboina, Hungary. Failed experiments with Spanish and Thoroughbred blood eventually led the breeders at Babolna to a cross of native Hungarian mares with stallions of pure Desert Arabian blood. Shagya bloodlines were also developed at the stud farms at Topolcianky (Czechoslovakia), Radautz (Rumania) Mangalia (Rumania), and Kabijuk (Bulgaria).


The Hucul or Carpathian pony originated in the Carpathian Mountain range of Eastern Europe. Borders have changed many time throughout history along this mountain range, therefore, both Romania and Poland claim to be the country of origin for this breed.

The Hucul dates to the 13th century and is believed to have descended from the crossing of the wild Tarpan with Mongolian horses. Migratory tribes, like Mongols, introduced the horse to this region. The natural range of this little horse covers a great distance. Their habitat is the eastern Carpathians, called Huzulland. For 100s of years Huculs have bred in the mountains under very difficult climatic conditions. Isolated from other horses, the breed developed into a resistant and robust horse.

In 1856 a stud for this breed was first established at Roaduti, Romania. Several bloodlines were established by the foundation stallions -- Goral, Hroby, Ousor, Pietrousu and Prislop -- and the horses were carefully bred to preserve the purity of these bloodlines.

In 1922, 33 horses were sent to Czechoslovakia to establish a herd there which would becomew the Gurgul line. WWII caused a severe decline in the number of Hucul horses in Czechoslovakia. It was not until the early 1970s that concerned breeders established an organization, Hucul Club, to address the declining number of Huculs in Czechoslovakia. In 1982 they established a stud book with 50 purebred animals and the goal of increasing the numbers in that region.

Today, Huculs are bred mainly in the Bucovina region of Romania as well as Hungary, regions of the Slovak Republic and areas of the former Soviet Union. In recent years the popularity of this breed has even spread as far as England.


The world famous Lipizzaner horse is strongly identified as having its origins in Czechoslovakia.

However, they are often credited to Austria. They were relocated during the Napoleonic Wars to Czech, Yugoslavis, Hungary and Romania.

Then there are the Kladruby, also known as Kladrubsk, Kladrubian, or Kladrubier horse was bred in Bohemia which is known as the Czech Republic today. These horses are apparently some of the "progenitors of famous Lippizaner lineages."

However, Lipizzans, as they are also known, are predominately Andalusian (Spanish), Neapolitan (Italian) and Arabian with some Danish, Holstein and Kladruby mixed in.

But Lipizzans are neither wholly Czech nor Austrian.


Kladruber: First registered in the early 18th century, when 1,000 horses were recorded at the royal stud at Kladrub. Some exceeded 19 hands! A fire destroyed the stud and its records in 1770, but the breed was rescued and now produces smaller, but still impressive, horses that continue to bein great demand. Its body is long and tubular rather than deep, with strong, rounded hinquarters and good, clean limbs. The horses from Kladrub are gray and black variety is raised at the state stud at Slatinany. I looked through a lot of page to find that. I knew the answer as a friend in Europe has one but not enough to give full detail.

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== == Most of the redirects on this question deal with a horse breed that originated in Czechoslovakia and is only bred in grey and black today. I suppose it's some online quiz. The answer is the Kladruba.

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The Kladruber. It was believed to have originated in Czechoslovakia sometime about 400 years ago.

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Q: Which breeds of horse originated in Czechoslovakia?
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