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Which cable is positive and which is neg?


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On a vehicle the red is positive (+) and the black is negative (-). If they are not color coded the cable connected to the starter is positive and the cable connected to the engine or chassis is negative.

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the battery will have a - mark on it which means neg., and the cable that is bolted to the engine block is the neg. cable, the pos. cable will go to the starter.

Electrical isn't your strong point, is it. If you take the neg. cable off the battery then you will not measure any voltage between the neg. cable and the pos battery because there is no complete circuit back to the neg side of the battery. I would start by making sure that the battery connections are clean and secure, as well as the main connection at the alternator. Check that there is no corrosion on any of the terminals. Use some sandpaper if you need to clean them up, on the terminals and the cable connectors.

Start the car and while it is running, disconnect the positive cable from the battery. If the car stalls, the alternator is bad.

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Depends on the car. An E30 BMW neg battery cable is about 6 inches. The neg battery cable on a Chevy small block about 2 feet.

neg cable bolted to the body of car.

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check make sure the neg. cable is tight, check cable for corrision in cable by flexing cable if it hard u need a cable, also check for cable tightness to connector that connects to battery. Did you hook the pos. to neg. and neg. to pos?

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Battery is in trunk, but in front under hood there is a fuse box next to it there is a cover with a "+" sign. lift and connect positive cable there. connect neg cable to frame(I use the strut bolt).

Normally Positive (+) is RED and Negative (-) is Black.

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the negatibe cable will be black. the positive cable will be red the negative cable will bolt to the vehicle frame or body the positive cable will bolt to a solenoid or starter motor also usually the cables will only fit one battery terminal. battery terminals are different sizes

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Red is positive. If they are both black then the cable that is connected to ground is negative and the other cable is positive.

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