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Which character in 'Of Mice and Men' do you most sympathize with and why?


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George because he had to take the burden for both himself and lennie. It must have also been hard for him to live with someone who can't take full responsibility of themselves.

Although he killed lennie for lennies own good, this meant George would face jail and his dream would be shattered.

As well as this he gave up a better life to look after lennie as it must have been hard to resist temptation to leave lennie for a better lifestyle. George also had to speak for both of them ( like when they first arrived on the ranch and were talking to the boss) because lennie can't think straight, remember anything or understand much. He also had to make the right decision to shoot lennie which was hard because he had been his companion for many years. He had a lot of pressure on him to make the right moral decision.