Which church was built in life of Jesus?

Answer A

There were no Christian churches while Jesus was alive. It was not necessary because Jesus was still on the earth in the form of a man.
The church (people, not buildings) is the body of Christ on the earth after His resurrection.
The spirit of Jesus indwells His people (the church) and they are his hands and his feet.
The commission of the church is to do what Jesus would do if He were here on the earth.
And that is to tell everyone about His love and the sacrifice of his life that he gave for all of mankind so that whoever receives His grace by believing that He is the son of God and calls on His name for salvation can be forgiven of sins and have everlasting life in heaven as opposed to eternal spiritual death in hell forever separated from God.


Answer B (Hint on Answer A)

If the spirit of Jesus indwells the church, as mentioned above, then which church of which Christian denomination?