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The PS3 came from sony

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Does the PS3 slim come with a game?

No, the PS3 slim does not come with a game.

When does the mw3 map pack come out for ps3?

Map packs for the PS3 come out a month after they come out for the Xbox.

Does dead island have co op mode for ps3?


Will mass effect be a two player game when it come out on PS3?

The original Mass Effect will never be released for the PS3. The PS3 version of Mass Effect 2 is not going to include any co-op or multiplayer because Mass Effect 2 does not support these functions.

When did the PS3 20 gig come out?

a ps3 20 gig is already come out and 180gig too

When will the PS3 come out again?

its a obviouse question the ps3 is already out

Does the PS3 have an antennae?

No, the PlayStation 3 (PS3) does not come with antenna.

Does a stand come with the PS3 slim?

No a stand does not come with the PS3 slim but Sony is going to make one

Which one was first to come out xbo360 or ps3?

Xbox came out in 2005 and the PS3 did not come out until 2006

How do you get your hdmi on your PS3?

All PS3's come with an HDMI output.

Did the PS3 come out before the xbox360?

The xbox360 can out first before the ps3.

When did the PS3 console come out?

The PS3 has been out since November 2006

When will the white PS3 come out?

A new white model is not expected for the PS3

Is mine craft for PS3?

Unfortunately, Minecraft is not out for the PS3, nor will it come out!

Will Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep come out for ps3?

It doesnt come out for the Ps3 it comes out for PSP I hope you have one =]

Does a ps3 come with a flash drive?

No it come with a Harddrive

Will Angry Birds space come out on the ps3?

it will come

Is there offline co op in resident evil 6 for ps3?


Is dead island riptide ps3 co-op?


How many controlers come with a PS3?

Only 1 controller comes with a ps3.

When will the modern warfare map packs come out on PS3?

April 30th for ps3

Does Assassins Creed 3 come on ps3?

Yes xbox pc ps3

When does Rezzurection come for PS3?

Rezurrection will be released for the PS3 on September 22 2011

Halo 3 4 player co-op?

Yes there is 4 player co-op for xbox360 and ps3 also there is live co-op.

What year did the PS3 come out?

in 2009 !!:)

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